Sunday, February 3, 2013

Children's Review: Hansel and Gretel: The Graphic Novel by Donald B. Lemke (Retold By), Sean Dietrich (Illustrator)

Hansel and Gretel: The Graphic Novel

Title: Hansel and Gretel: The Graphic Novel
Paperback: 40 pages
Publisher: Stone Arch Books
ISBN-10: 143420863X
ISBN-13: 978-1434208637
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Source: Library

When their parents leave them in the forest, Hansel and Gretel must find their way home. During their journey, they discover something better, a house made of sugary sweets! Too bad it's owned by an evil, and hungry, old witch.

What I thought about it

Why I picked this book…

I picked Hansel and Gretel because I really liked the cover. The library version of the cover had a really cool texture and I liked the the character artwork. it reminded me of the characters from The Corpse Bride.

About the characters…
Hansel and Gretel’s dad took them into the woods and left them. I don’t think he was being mean.  Really it was the stepmother wanting him to take them away because they where all starving.

Hansel and Gretel were my favorite characters. They helped each other out when the mean old women captured them. They worked together to escape from the wicked old lady. I liked that Gretel tricked the wicked old lady into the oven because the old lady had tricked Hansel and Gretel by having a candy house.

One of my favorite things…

I liked it when Hansel and Gretel made it back to their dad. What the dad said made me think that the wicked old lady and their stepmother was the same person.

Would I recommend other kids read this book?

Yes! I would want other kids to read this book because it was fun to read and I really liked the art. I also learned that if I ever see a house made of candy in the woods I should run the other way.

Have fun reading,
Awesome! Reread worthy.


  1. This looks excellent! We just saw the H&G Witch Killers adaptation. It was fantastic.

  2. I hadn't heard of this one but the artwork looks very cool (and I think you're right, it reminds me of Tim Burton's style too) - I will have to seek it out. Thanks for sharing this review! :)


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