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Blog Tour Review: Diamonds and Toads: A Modern Fairy Tale by K.E. Saxon

Diamonds and Toads: A Modern Fairy Tale


Once upon a time, there were two sisters, one blessed,and one cursed by fairy magic...

So each sister's story begins.

Delilah Perrault is blessed with riches beyond her wildest dreams and the man she's had her eye on for ages--even though he secretly has designs on her newfound wealth instead. Delilah's half-sister, Isadora, is cursed with having her every utterance come out as an obscene and humiliating quip, just when the gorgeous hunk she dumped years before under pressure from mama swaggers back into her life.

If you like Bewitched, Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, try out this modern girl's fairy tale.

Book Details

Title: Diamonds and Toads: A Modern Day Fairy Tale
Author: K.E. Saxon
Release Date: September 23rd 2011
ISBN-10: 0013398970
ISBN-13: 2940013398979
Source: Bewitching Book Tours


This was a very fun new take on an old classic. I do need to warn my readers though when I saw the cover and read the description I had no idea when Saxon likened the book to Sex in the City she was talking about Samantha’s role in that show. This modern fairy tale had some giant size sexcapades in it…not that I’m complaining, I was just surprised.

I loved Saxon’s take on the “fairy godmother” and why she blesses or curses the sisters. I seriously want to know what Delilah and Isadora’s ancestors did to align their family with such a powerful fairy.

I also liked the fact that each sister had her own tale Saxon broke Diamonds and Toads into two parts and that really worked for me. Isadora’s story was first. Right off the bat I thought I had Isadora’s character pegged as she was the good and sweet sister…um I was very wrong. After reading this book whenever someone tells me they have been in counseling, after reading about Isadora, I will wonder just what kind. (Read the book to know what I’m talking about.) Delilah had the second half of Diamond and Toads, and you would think again, “Ok mean sister I’m not going to like her.” But, I did like Delilah. Beyond liking her the curse that the fairy put on her had her saying things that had me laughing out loud.

Finally, let me say I love it when an author gets a villain right and Saxon could not have done a better job than the wicked stepmother she has created for Diamonds and Toads. I wanted her to get hit by a bus!

This was one naughty little fairytale that I enjoyed escaping to.

Happy Reading,

Awesome! Reread worthy.

Recommended For
Adults: For very graphic and extensive sex scenes and language.

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  1. Ooooh, this sounds really neat. I've never watched Sex and the City but I've been ALL UP INTO Gossip Girl for years and you know how I love a good fairy tale, even a good fairy tale re-telling.

    I definitely have my eye on this one, for sure. Thanks gal!

  2. Definitely an amazing book! Thanks for promoting it!



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