Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blogging Rules!

OK! So I am just going to go ahead and admit right now that I am not exactly where I wanted to be with reading and blogging this year before I ask my questions today. I always think it’s better to have full disclosureWinking smile

My questions:

Girl Stack Books

  1. If you blog do you do a post every day? And how many of those are reviews in comparisons to memes?
  2. Do you actually plan out your reading and stick to your plan?
  3. If you do stick to your plan…how on earth do you do it?!?!?!?

Umm….. if you can’t tell I suck at sticking to a reading plan! LOL

I don’t do a post every day if I don’t have anything to post. In other words I try not to post just fluff but I do three memes. I do Follow Friday, Waiting on Wednesday, and In My Mailbox. I find a lot of what I want to read in the future through these memes. I also try to post three reviews a week, but recently that has been more often two a week.

Happy reading and blogging!


  1. I don't do very good with a strict reading schedule either! I normally plan out the next 3 or so books I'll be reading and try to stick to that.

    I definitely don't post everyday, although there's nothing wrong with doing that. I just don't have the time to do that AND read books to review. I also only participate in a few memes. I've found that if I put pressure on myself then I start to lose my enjoyment of blogging and even reading *gasp*

    Do what works for you :)

    1. I totally agree if it's not fun there is no point!

  2. I have a basic plan that I stick to most of the time - but I'm flexible. If I feel like it, I can change it up. It's my blog. And I do post every day. It's an addiction. I do two meme's but, again, if a blog tour or something comes up for those days - I'm flexible. I just work better with basic structure.

  3. I try to post every day. I usually only do a Wednesday meme, but sometimes I'll stick a Friday meme in there if I haven't gotten my reading done. For me, it's hard to stick to a reading schedule because sometimes life is just busier than at other times. Sometimes I feel like I'm ahead with my reading, and I'll have several reviews written and ready to be posted, other times I feel as if I finish a review minutes before I need to post. :)

    Courtney @ Fuzzy.Coffee.Books

  4. i only do 3 memes; imm / on my wishlist/but hav'n been doing that for a month amd teasr tuesday

  5. Wow, I didn't even think there were such things as blogging rules. I say don't worry about it; just do what feels good for you. Otherwise it becomes work and it's no fun.

    1. The first post I did like this was to ask if people had any *blogging rules* they stuck to. Now it's more blogging rules! *fist pump in the air* I agree when it stops being fun there is no point.

  6. 1.) I don't blog every day. I participate in 3 memes and try to post 2-3 reviews a week. If I have nothing to post, I just don't.

    2.) I don't have a reading plan/schedule. I like to be able to pick up whatever sounds good at that time because I don't like feeling forced to read somthing. The only time I plan my reading is if I have a deadline coming up (library book due, galley about to expire).

  7. i don't post everyday, but i post most days. i do mostly reviews, but i will occasionally do a meme if i don't have a review ready or if i like the topic--usually top ten tuesday (because Jamie is awesome) and very occasional waiting on wednesday. i am the worst ever at doing in my mailbox and need to be slapped silly. seriously. i am the worst, but it is because the weekends are absolute chaos at my house and i don't have a webcam - the hubs does - and i have to borrow his computer to do a vlog...or i have to take time away from the rare time with him to actually put the imm post together. i just suck at those, but i am trying to do better (and it isn't working, so far). sometimes i do a discussion post. i really like those.

    i have an EXTREMELY loose plan for my reading, but i stick to my extremely loose plan. i'm thinking most people wouldn't consider it a plan at all, but i swear it makes sense in my own head. plus i read multiple books at a time. and my goodreads isn't really accurate for what i'm reading at any given time.

    if it ever got to the point where i was too rigid about anything, it wouldn't be fun to me anymore. and i wouldn't want to do this. and this is what is fun to me...book blogging. it is my treat for myself for doing the other things that i do. so, i try to keep it fun and loosely planned, but always entirely bookish.

  8. HI!

    On my main blog I post daily and don't do any memes. I try to have 2 reviews a week and then various feature posts for the rest of the week. On my 2nd blog I post around 5 days a week and one of them is a meme post. I try to post 7 days a week on that blog but don't always make it.

    I do plan out my reading for the week - but just the week - I couldn't imagine scheduling a month in advance! And every once in awhile I will go off pile if a book calls to me from my book tower.

    When I do stick to my reading week it's usually because I have to - if I've made a commitment to an author or publisher I try really hard to make sure I get my review posted on time.

    Great questions! :)


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