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Review: Untamed by Sara Humphreys


Title: Untamed
Series: The Amoveo Legend #3
Author: Sarah Humphreys
Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date: November 6, 2012
ISBN-10: 1402258496
ISBN-13: 978-1402258497
Source: Netgalley
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The Amoveo are an ancient race who've lived secretly among humans for thousands of years. They are beautiful and incredibly strong but their race is extremely fragile--each has until the age of 30 to find their soul mate, before their bodies start to die a slow, painful death.

Layla Nickelsen has spent her life running from a mate she didn't choose, until William Fleury finally confronts her. Normally stoic and unemotional, William finds himself befuddled by Layla: his growing feelings for her and his driving need to protect her. And Layla has to admit that William might be everything she's always wanted after all...
OK, so this is a PNR series I have been really digging! I found out about the Amoveo Legend series through a booktuber, Gail Nichols, when she did a vlog on romance books she was loving. After listening to her describe the series I knew I wanted to try it. So, I snagged all the books in the series I could find. I flew through the first two and the novella in like two days… (I LOVE PNR y’all, especially when shifters are involved!) When I went to searching for the next in  the series I was excited to find that Untamed was on NetGalley. 
What I like about this series:
I really enjoy that each book could be a stand alone, but the story also builds the Amoveo world Sara Humphreys has created from one book to the next. Yes, these are shifters, but unlike most books I have read in this genre the characters are not limited to only being with others that turn into the same animal as them. There is also this huge tension building into what looks like a civil war between those who want to be able to find their mate outside of the Amoveo race and purists who want nothing to weaken what they are.
This is the book I have been super excited about because of William. I was excited because there was so much foreshadowing in the last book that William had found his mate, but I didn’t know who it was yet. William is one of those people you meet and once you have talked to the for a moment you just want to mess up their hair, or spill something on them just to see how they will react… You know what I’m talking about right??? The people that are so straight laced and all kinds of follow every rule. Well, that is William! I was so ready to see what finding his mate would do to him.
Layla is a world traveling photographer that is the opposite of William. Layla is one of those people I could be friends with. (Well, if she trusted anyone enough to be friends with.) She loves to live her life and LOVES her family that she was adopted into. Layla knows a little about the Amoveo world but wants nothing to do with it, especially some guy that says he is her mate.
The lurve…
The relationship between Layla and William was fun to read! I love it when you know two people are suppose to be together but it is NOT insta-love. The humor, and angst Sara Humphreys puts into her couples getting together is right on and very enjoyable to read, especially when the chemistry between the two is burning up the pages.
I think anyone that enjoys PNR needs to pick this series up. It is not all predictable romance either there is always a twist or two I did not see coming that make this series one that I will continue to look forward too.
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Recommended For
Adults: Um.. It’s adult PNR, duh!

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