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Cover Reveal & Giveaway: A French Star in New York by Anna Adams

A French Star in New York (The French Girl series #2)

A French Star in New York (The French Girl series #2)
Anna Adams
Release Date:  July 31st 2013
Maude thought her life couldn’t get any better: her first music album is a hit, she’s about to meet her extended family and she’s looking forward to her first date with teen pop star, Matt.
But when scandal strikes Maude must part ways with Matt, and watch Soulville Records fall into the hands of an ambitious Alan Lewis, who will stop at nothing to turn Maude into an unparalleled star.
Between glamorous parties, an unauthorized tell-all book, a web of lies, new revelations about her French past and her rivalry with Lindsey Linton attaining a whole new level, Maude must fight for her voice to be heard and decide if being a star is more important than her love for music.
This sounds like it could be such a fun summer read!!! Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter below.
About the Author
Anna Adams is a new YA author who has always loved to read and write. Anna's started writing stories at a young age and her sisters would read and correct the spelling mistakes… and laugh their heads off. Her very first critics.Apart from writing, Anna also loves to sing and  play the piano. She comes from quite a musical family and music has always been a big part of their lives whether it was singing with her sister while doing the dishes (she washed, Anna dried) or forcing her little brother to participate in numerous sing and dance shows Anna choreographed! Anna lives in Paris today but used to live in the States, which she considers to be her second home. After all, home is where the heart is.
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