Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer has come!

Picture from Chesterfield library

It has been an insane two weeks. I have been getting my children through the last bit of school, I had a sister and a nephew graduate, parties to go to, and countless awards days. Through all of this I also recently started a new job:) With everything going on Bending The Spine has been very quiet the last two weeks.

Thankfully now it is SUMMER!!! Starting Monday the blog will be back to normal. I have lots of reviews to get out, winners to post, and comments to reply to. Not to mention a ton of blog reading I want to catch up on. I have really missed making my blogger rounds… As you read this I will be catching up on my email (I’m scared of that actually), and getting all my upcoming posts ready.

Have you been as excited for summer as I have?


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  2. I got out of school about two weeks ago. It has been nice to have more time to blog and catch up with all of my favorite blogs! I'm excited to see more from your blog :)



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