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Guest Review and Giveaway: Jingle, Jangle and Joe and the Mad Mad Merkel by Ken Martinson

Since I started Bending The Spine back in April my two oldest girls have been bugging me to start a book blog of their own. I really had no idea how to go about helping them write reviews until I read this awesome post by Ashley @ Into the Hall of Books, where she interviewed her children and it made an amazing review! This will not be a regular feature on the Spine but since it is Christmas this is our take on the same ideaSmile 


There was big trouble at the North Pole and not very long ago. A sneaky and selfish old Troll came in the night and stole what he coveted most. At Santa's request, Jingle and her brother Jangle, two of Santa's most trusted elves, leave on an adventure that took them half way around the world and back. During there adventure the elves encountered a number of wonderfully strange characters. Bring Your family closer together this Christmas with this read aloud action & adventure story and companion song. The song is recorded with Santa's elves and has received a 5 star rating.


What is Jingle, Jangle, and Joe and the Mad Mad Merkel about?

Azariah: Them saving Christmas.

Micah: Um, about taking the toys to the children.

Translation: 2 Special elves saving Christmas

What is your favorite part of the book?

Azariah: When they save Christmas because Santa is sick.

Micah: When they delivered the toys to the children.

Who was your favorite character? Why?

Azariah: Jingle, because she is so cute!

Micah: The Mad Mad Merkel, because at first he is bad and I think he smells like monkeys, but I like what he turns into.

Illustration by Mike Gabriel 

Should other parents read this book to their children? Why?

Azariah: Yes! Because it is a really good book and some kids might believe in Santa Claus, but I don’t.

Micah: Yes!  Because it’s a really fun book and they save Christmas!

Illustration by Mike Gabriel 

Are there any scary parts in this story?

Azariah: Yes! I was kinda scared when they had to face the, um, seal.

Micah: Yes! I was real real scared when they had to face the Mad Mad Merkel.

Did you like the illustrations? What did you like about them?

Azariah: I like the illustration about Jingle and Jangle because they were really cute drawings.

Micah: I like the illustrations about the Mad Mad Merkel.

Did you learn anything new from this story?

Azariah: Yes. Not to steal.

Micah: Yes.  That Mad Mad Merkel’s aren’t real.  Cause when you first read that story and it was night and you said I had to get in bed and I had to go to sleep, I wondered if there was a Mad Mad Merkel under the bed.  And I was afraid he would stole my blankey.

Translated: That almost anyone can change.

Illustration by Mike Gabriel

What did you think about the cd that went along with the book?

Azariah: It was really a nice song and I liked it so much.

Micah: I think it was cute and good.

Translated: It was very nicely done.  Professional in quality.

Azariah age 6 1/2 and Micah age 5

Thanks girls!!! Y’all did such an awesome jobSmile

Y’all know I love self published authors! Ken Martinson has created a charming Christmas tale in Jingle, Jangle and Joe and the Mad Mad Merkel. This story kept my children entertained from chapter to chapter with its fun and cute illustrations. I was surprised that even though Jingle, Jangle, and Joe is a fun book it also has a wonderful story of redemption woven in that children can learn from. As a mom I appreciated the moral told that regardless of who you start out as anyone can change.

Happy Reading,

Giveaway Time!!!

  • Ken has been nice enough to allow me to give away two print copies of Jingle, Jangle and Joe and the Mad Mad Merkel.
  • These have the CD inside that have the very cute song that go along with the story.
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  1. I am very impressed by this review. Looks like Micah has a really big heart and believes everyone has good in them and can change. Azariah sounds so grown up and I can see her starting her own book blog for girls her age real soon. I hope to win this book in the giveaway. Great review Micah and Azariah. Look forward to seeing more from you girls.

  2. That was really adorable. Great Q&A with the girls. They did an excellent job.


    my heart just got so big when i read this!!!

    y'all need to do more of these. i know it is a job, especially the interview, but isn't it hilarious and funny when they answer the questions??



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