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Happy Halloween

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To everyone who did a guest post, commented, entered in the giveaways, thank you so much I have had a blast all October long!

Now I am going to have a day of Halloween fun with my children (starting with cupcakes for breakfast), and I will hopefully end today in a chocolate coma:) After Trick-or-Treat of course.

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Happy Halloween Everyone,

Review: Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel

Dearly, Departed (Dearly, #1)


Love can never die.

Love conquers all, so they say. But can Cupid’s arrow pierce the hearts of the living and the dead—or rather, the undead? Can a proper young Victorian lady find true love in the arms of a dashing zombie?

The year is 2195. The place is New Victoria—a high-tech nation modeled on the manners, mores, and fashions of an antique era. A teenager in high society, Nora Dearly is far more interested in military history and her country’s political unrest than in tea parties and debutante balls. But after her beloved parents die, Nora is left at the mercy of her domineering aunt, a social-climbing spendthrift who has squandered the family fortune and now plans to marry her niece off for money. For Nora, no fate could be more horrible—until she’s nearly kidnapped by an army of walking corpses.

But fate is just getting started with Nora. Catapulted from her world of drawing-room civility, she’s suddenly gunning down ravenous zombies alongside mysterious black-clad commandos and confronting “The Laz,” a fatal virus that raises the dead—and hell along with them. Hardly ideal circumstances. Then Nora meets Bram Griswold, a young soldier who is brave, handsome, noble . . . and dead. But as is the case with the rest of his special undead unit, luck and modern science have enabled Bram to hold on to his mind, his manners, and his body parts. And when his bond of trust with Nora turns to tenderness, there’s no turning back. Eventually, they know, the disease will win, separating the star-crossed lovers forever. But until then, beating or not, their hearts will have what they desire.

In Dearly, Departed, romance meets walking-dead thriller, spawning a madly imaginative novel of rip-roaring adventure, spine-tingling suspense, and macabre comedy that forever redefines the concept of undying love. (Goodreads)

Book Details

Title: Dearly, Departed
Author: Lia Habel
Hardcover: 480 pages
Publisher: Del Rey
Release Date: October 18, 2011
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0345523318
ISBN-13: 978-0345523310
Source: NetGalley


Dearly, Departed is one of those books you hear about and you start anxiously waiting on the release date. I was so excited when I saw that NetGalley had review copies I literally had a fan girl moment:) So did it live up to all the hype? Read on…

Ok, so I loved this New Victoria that Lia Habel has created for Dearly, Departed, She has such a well thought out history of why the world went back to this era after all the bad went down. You get to see everything to were people live and why they live there according to their station in life (yes this is set in the future). I thought the setting was a very original concept in contrast to the year. I thought the same of most of the characters in Dearly, Departed.

I loved Nora Dearly! She goes to the right school, has the right family, and she does not care one bit what society thinks of her. Nora has been in morning over her father’s death for a year and is still hurting from it, but when she has to go home to her aunt who is non-sympathetic she stands up for herself. Even though Nora is small and always dressed like a lady, when trouble comes her way she fights like there is no tomorrow, how could you not love her. When Nora meets Bram her world is turned upside down. I all kinds of fell for Bram! This zombie is everything you want in a man…Ok so he is stitched up in a few places, but he is still hot! There is this one scene when Bram is trying to make Christmas special for Nora, it will melt an undead heart.

As much as I loved the zombies, the setting and the storyline itself, I really did not care for the POV change every chapter. It just didn’t work for me in Dearly, Departed. If it had just gone back and forth from Bram and Nora it may have been fine, but I didn’t find the villains in the story that compelling so their chapters didn’t keep my interest.

Overall I enjoyed Dearly, Departed I am very excited for the next in the series Dearly, Beloved.

Happy Reading,

It's good. I had fun for the most part.

Recommended For
Teen and up: For language, and violence.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

In My Mailbox (17)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren and is a post for bloggers to share what books they've received to review, bought, won, borrowed or were gifted.

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For Review

eBook from author
A Hidden Fire (Elemental Mysteries Book #1)The Christmas Gifts


Paperbacks from author
Opal Fire (Stacy Justice Mystery #1)Harbinger

I Won!
Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1)

I bought

13 Treasures (Thirteen Treasures, #1)Cryer's Cross

What did you get in your mailbox?

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Review/Giveaway: Dracula in Love by Karen Essex

Dracula in Love


In this wonderfully transporting novel, award-winning author Karen Essex turns a timeless classic inside out, spinning a haunting, erotic, and suspenseful story of eternal love and possession.

From the shadowy banks of the river Thames to the wild and windswept Yorkshire coast, Dracula’s eternal muse, Mina Murray, vividly recounts the intimate details of what really transpired between her and the Count—the joys and terrors of a passionate affair that has linked them through the centuries, and her rebellion against her own frightening preternatural powers.

Mina’s version of this gothic vampire tale is a visceral journey into Victorian England’s dimly lit bedrooms, mist-filled cemeteries, and asylum chambers, revealing the dark secrets and mysteries locked within. Time falls away as she is swept into a mythical journey far beyond mortal comprehension, where she must finally make the decision she has been avoiding for almost a millennium.

Bram Stoker’s classic novel offered one side of the story, in which Mina had no past and bore no responsibility for the unfolding events. Now, for the first time, the truth of Mina’s personal voyage, and of vampirism itself, is revealed. What this flesh and blood woman has to say is more sensual, more devious, and more enthralling than the Victorians could have expressed or perhaps even have imagined.(Goodreads)

Book Details

Title: Dracula in Love
Author: Karen Essex
Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Anchor
Release Date: July 5, 2011
ISBN-10: 076793122X
ISBN-13: 978-0767931229
Source: Goodreads First Reads


I enjoy vampire books and the ideas behind Dracula, but Dracula was never one of my favorite reads, so I was interested in Karen Essex’s take on the classic story, but wary because I like my books pretty PG-13 in regards to sex. Well, unless it is a Sookie Stackhouse book, but that is as racy as I go. The best things first; the book is well written and gives a good understanding of Victorian London and the changes that were beginning to take place with the suffragettes and women’s evolving role in life. I like how she changed Mina from being a helpless victim to someone powerful and let’s just say the power is not from anything human. Mina has been able to read minds since she was a child and see supernatural things. Her mother and father could not handle it and once her father dies, her mother sends her to Mrs. Hadley’s boarding school where she becomes the star pupil and eventually stays on to teach reading and etiquette. She meets her fiancĂ©, Jonathan Harper, while working at the school and she tries to be the model lady. Unfortunately she has started sleep walking and having very sexually charged dreams. She tries to hide this from everyone, as it is unacceptable behavior of a lady. I’m sure her BFF, Kate Reed, would disagree. Kate is a journalist that writes investigative pieces on the poor and mistreated and takes Mina along with her on some of the investigations. Kate doesn’t wear a corset, lives on her own and gets by in a man’s world. She also advises Mina to take a lover instead of getting married.
Jonathan leaves the country on business so Mina spends the holidays at the shore with her school friend, Lucy, who is soon to be engaged to Lord , but she has feelings for an American named Morris Quince. Lucy is trying to figure out where she should marry for love or title. Mina finds out that Jonathan has been hospitalized, so she travels to him. And he tells her…about some unusual women he had met. Let’s just say I started out really liking Jonathan, but not so much as the story goes on.
This is just the bare bones of the story. It’s a Victorian romance, but it also champions women’s sexuality. It is part fantasy, but Mina must unravel the mysteries of her past and at the end of the story it is about choosing the right path in life. What does Mina desire most?
Some folks have not liked the ending, whether I liked it or not, I understand why Mina choose the way she did and I respect her for it.

Happy Ending,

Awesome! Reread worthy.

Recommended For
Adults: only because of sex scenes, lots of sex.

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Follow Me Friday (24)

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This Weeks Question:

Q:  If you could have dinner with your favorite book character, who would you eat with and what would you serve?

WOW! It is amazing how my brain went strait to the gutter for this one:) Ok let me now think of an answer anyone can read…lol
Darkfever (Fever, #1)
Umm you know I love The Fever series and I would love to sit down with Mac. You know just to catch up on how all my fav characters are doing. I know what you’re thinking, why not pick Barrons? See my above thought ;) As for what I would serve, what does it matter I would be getting insider info on Barrons! Isn’t that yummy enough.

Happy Hopping,

Guest Post and Giveaway with Richard Denney

Please help me to welcome Richard Denney to the blog. I love watching him on YouTube and I am very excited to have him here with us today.

Hey Readers!
I am Richard Denney. I'm a YA author and I currently have two books out by me.
"A girl's guide to falling in love with a zombie" and "Hillserpent Acadmey". My third novel
"The Immortalists" comes out this Winter and I am stoked!! "The Immortalists is my first Middle-Grade 
novel and I can't wait to see how readers respond! I am very excited to guest post today
and I'd love to thank Rebecca for giving me this spot! 
So it's October and here at SPOOKING THE SPINE it's all about Halloween and scary reads!
So today I decided to tell you all a spooky true little story, that took place on Halloween.
When I was fifteen I went trick or treating with a couple of my friends (I know fifteen is a little too old for trick or treating, but let's just look past that.) Well, my friends and I began our hunt for candy and stopped at a few homemade haunted houses along the way. It was a fun two hours before the scariness took reign. My friend Ashley was the last one out of the haunted house and let me mention we were walking, we didn't drive and we were on our own. So Ashley ran up to us, breathing like crazy and shoved her vampire teeth back into her mouth. My other friend Isabel noticed a guy in a Michael Myers costume staring us down from across the street and she informed us. We got creeped out but laughed it off and took off down the street. I had a weird feeling about that guy, even though "Halloween" is my favorite movie ever!
So we were nearing the iron gate that blocked off a piece of land that led to the train tracks, when my friend Ashley turned to see the guy dressed as Michael following us on foot. We giggled and ran, Isabel nearly face planted because of her heels. We turned around and he was still following us. We stopped and didn't think it was funny anymore since he took off the mask and looked as if he was wearing a skin tight ski mask over his face. We noticed there were no lit porch lights and we suddenly got scared. I pointed to the fence and we bolted for the gate. All of a sudden as we were slipping through the bars, the guy took hold of Isabel and turned her to face him. Things got serious and intense. Isabel was the only one who had a cell phone and we were about ten feet from her and couldn't get it. I threw my candy bag at him and he let go of my friend that instant. The three of us took off and NOT EVEN five seconds later, we turned to see no one behind us. The street was empty and did I mention it was a one way street? if not, now you know. We hurried over the train tracks and ran into a 7-11 freaking out and not wanting to leave the store. Later that night, after my mom picked us up. Isabel told Ashley and I that the guy didn't have a face and he stunk like roadkill. I was like "He didn't have a face? don't bull--- Isabel." I was serious. Till this day she keeps her story straight, even though I haven't spoken to her since I graduated from high school and when I take my cousins out trick or treating and I see a guy dressed as Michael Myers... I turn and walk the other way and never look back.
Thank you for reading my post and I hope I gave you a bit of a scare.
Thanks to Rebecca and Bending the spine for this spot and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
Eeep! I am officially creeped out! Thanks so much Richard:)

More info on Richard and his books:

Richard Denney
Richard Denney lives and breathes in El Paso, Texas. His favorite things to do are thrift shopping, reading, writing, devouring sour gummy worms and watching his favorite television series "The Vampire Diaries".


you find me, stalk me, and find my books here:

A Girl's Guide To Falling In Love With A Zombie (A Girl's Guide, #1)
Rebecca Willis is a 17 year old survivor of a zombie pandemic who’s still in love with her high school crush Lance Tanner, who just happens to be be a zombie. But when things begin to threaten her ties with Lance she must choose over saving her own life & the lives of her friends or saving her zombie.

Hillserpent Academy (Hillserpent Academy, #1)
Owen Davinforth has been expelled from Hillserpent Academy for the last eight months & now he is permitted to return. But things have changed at the academy & not for the good. Owen's falling for a new guy, a dark force is working it's way around the school & it's aiming for Owen. Can he stop who or what it is before it's too late? What lies behind these gates? You will soon know.

Giveaway Time!
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One eBook copy of A Girls Guide to Falling in Love With a Zombie and one eBook copy of Hillserpent  Academy.

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Review: Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry

Rot & Ruin (Benny Imura, #1)


In the zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic America where Benny Imura lives, every teenager must find a job by the time they turn fifteen or get their rations cut in half. Benny doesn't want to apprentice as a zombie hunter with his boring older brother Tom, but he has no choice. He expects a tedious job whacking zoms for cash, but what he gets is a vocation that will teach him what it means to be human. (Goodreads)

Book Details

Title: Rot and Ruin
Author: Jonathan Maberry
Genre: YA, Zombies
Hardcover: 464 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
 Published: September 14, 2010 
ISBN-10: 1442402326
ISBN-13: 978-1442402324
Source: Self Purchase


If you’re one of those people that have still not read any zombie books because “they are just not your thing” well get of your high horse and read Rot and Ruin anyway because it’s not about the zombies it’s about a boy and what he has to go through to grow up. Yes! There are zombies in Rot and Ruin and all they want to do is eat your living flesh (insert thriller music). But, for the most part this is a story of awesome characters and I loved reading about their lives. Even after hearing great things about Rot and Ruin I had no idea I would love it this much!

Benny Imura is just an average teenager who happens to be growing up after the world has been changed by the zombie apocalypse. This world that Benny knows is nothing like the one we live in. There is no electricity, and the entire town is fenced and guarded due to the zombies that still roam the outside world which is called the Rot and Ruin. Even though they live in this crazy post-apocalyptic world I liked that Benny and his friends were still worrying about normal teenage things like getting their first job, or whether a friendship could turn into more than that. All this changes when Benny ends up taking a job with his brother. Benny thinks he knows what he’s in for but he has no idea.

Tom Imura, Benny’s brother has looked after Benny since their parents died on first night. (First night is the night the zombie virus broke out.) Tom is nothing like the other Zombie hunters that Benny idolizes, Benny has really always thought his brother was a coward. I loved how Jonathan Maberry takes you to Benny’s very first memory to let you know why he hates Tom so much in the beginning. (No I’m not telling what the memory was.) Then as Tom and Benny have to spend more time together you see walls slowly breaking down between them. Nothing was rushed which was so nice to enjoy watching things unfold little by little between the brothers, even if it was more intense. It was better for it.

Jonathan Maberry, thank you so much for this book! I.  Loved. Rot and Ruin.

I can honestly say I never would have imagined that a YA book that I was told was about zombies would have me go through pretty much every emotion. But Rot and Ruin did. I cried in more than one part of this book. And just for the record I’m not a big crier! I want my own pack of zombie cards. Umm not that I want real zombies to go along with that. I am so happy that I get to read Dust and Decay soon because it’s already out. I can’t wait to read what Benny, Tom, and everyone else is up to. In short go read Rot and Ruin—it is made of awesome!

Happy Reading,

Loved it! I want to know about everything this author writes.

Recommended For
Teen and up: For language, and violence.

Other Books In This Series
Dust & Decay (Benny Imura, #2)

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Waiting On Wednesday (22)

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"Waiting On Wednesday” is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at “Breaking the Spine”, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

My Pick This Week!
Hemlock (Hemlock, #1)

Mackenzie and Amy were best friends. Until Amy was brutally murdered.

Since then, Mac’s life has been turned upside down. She is being haunted by Amy in her dreams, and an extremist group called the Trackers has come to Mac’s hometown of Hemlock to hunt down Amy’s killer: A white werewolf.

Lupine syndrome—also known as the werewolf virus—is on the rise across the country. Many of the infected try to hide their symptoms, but bloodlust is not easy to control.

Wanting desperately to put an end to her nightmares, Mac decides to investigate Amy’s murder herself. She discovers secrets lurking in the shadows of Hemlock, secrets about Amy’s boyfriend, Jason, her good pal Kyle, and especially her late best friend. Mac is thrown into a maelstrom of violence and betrayal that puts her life at risk.

Kathleen Peacock’s thrilling novel is the first in the Hemlock trilogy, a spellbinding urban fantasy series filled with provocative questions about prejudice, trust, lies, and love. (Goodreads)

Book Details

Title: Hemlock
Author:  Kathleen Peacock
Genre: YA, Urban Fantasy
Hardcover: 400 pages
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Release Date: May 8, 2012
ISBN-10: 0062048651
ISBN-13: 978-0062048653

Why I’m Waiting?

First, I really like the cover! Second, It’s been a little while since I’ve tried a YA werewolf or shifter novel. I am excited to see what Hemlock has to offer as I didn’t get through my last YA shifter book:( But, Hemlock sounds seriously good!

What are you waiting for?

Guest Post and Giveaway with Rob Blackwell

I am so excited about this guest post today! Rob Blackwell is the author of A Soul to Steal, (see my review) which is an amazing paranormal thriller! Today we are all in for a treat because Rob is going to share a deleted scene from his spooky tale. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Reckoning

Tim Anderson sat in his living room, waiting to die.
His chair faced the apartment’s front and only door. He was gripping a loaded shotgun that lay across his lap. Tim had spent the better part of an hour barricading the rest of his apartment, ensuring there was no other way in.
Still, he worried Lord Halloween would find another entrance, some secret and hidden passage that Tim did not know existed. Such was his fear of the murderer that a part of him wondered if Lord Halloween could do things no human being could do. Maybe he didn’t need doors or windows. Could he even walk through walls? Was he some kind of phantom, as people said? It would explain why the police could not catch him.
But Tim didn’t really believe that. Deep in his heart, he knew Lord Halloween was just a man. Yes, he was smart, cunning, deceitful—and certainly evil—but Lord Halloween was human. He wanted others to think he was a demon, but Tim knew the truth.
It must be Nov. 1 now, Tim thought. He refused to glance at the clock to confirm it was past midnight, however. He could not bear the idea of taking his eyes off the door. What if Lord Halloween came through? What if he was waiting for just such a moment of weakness? No, Tim would sit right here, waiting, watching.
Tim knew he had signed his own death warrant when he penned his last article for The Loudoun Chronicle. Lord Halloween had taunted the reporter all month, sending him letters detailing every vicious murder he committed. He had prodded Tim in the letters, urging him to write more articles that would panic Loudoun’s citizens, to make them give into their fears and turn on each other. He even called Tim his “partner.”
And Tim had begun to wonder if he was right. Tim had struggled to report honestly about the increasingly grisly series of events—without driving people toward blind panic. More and more, he worried he had done more harm than good.
The serial killer had said he wanted to reclaim Halloween, make it his own. And he had succeeded. No one in Loudoun will dare celebrate All Hallow’s Eve again, Tim thought. Not after what happened this month.
Perhaps as repentance, Tim had taken a stand at the end. A grim smile flitted on his lips as he stared at the door, barely blinking, his hands never slackening their grip on the shotgun. Tim Anderson had finally called out Lord Halloween.
“He could have played a part in this world, but he has chosen to hide in it,” Tim wrote in what he knew would be his final work. “He strikes at us because there are things he doesn’t understand: love, compassion and empathy. They have always been alien to him. He mocks them with his actions, but the truth is something he must know: he envies us. We experience feelings he can’t know or express and he hates us for them. He is a creature to be pitied, not feared. He is alone in this world and always will be. When we pick up the pieces of our lives, we will go on loving, caring and empathizing. We can hope we will learn from this miserable experience and stand stronger against the things that would tear us apart. He, however, will be by himself, lost in a world he cannot fathom.
“I do not fear you Lord Halloween, I fear what you have wrought in us. One day we may bring you to justice, but if we do not, do not think it has not already been meted out. You have been judged and found unworthy.”
It was a victory, Tim knew. A hollow one, though, since he would die for it. But there are worse things than death. He could have gone out begging for his life or turning on his fellow man, but at least he had not done that.
Even as that thought passed through his mind, he heard something brush against the door. His heart raced. In a flash, he was out of the chair, raising the shotgun to his chest, his finger on the trigger. He waited anxiously for whatever would come through the door.
Tim Anderson’s time had finally come. But he was ready. God help him, he was ready.
By Rob Blackwell

To discover Tim Anderson’s fate—and the identity of Lord Halloween—be sure to read A Soul to Steal. For more information, please “like” the Facebook page.
Click to buy it for Kindle or Nook.

More Info on A Soul to Steal and Rob
A Soul To Steal
You Are What You Fear

Something is stalking the citizens of Loudoun County, Va.

Is it the return of the notorious serial killer known as Lord Halloween? Or is it something worse—a figure that can cloak itself as your worst nightmare?

Kate and Quinn, two community journalists, rush to uncover the truth before a promised bloodbath on Halloween night.

The debut novel from award-winning journalist Rob Blackwell, A Soul to Steal balances suspense, horror, action and humor, building to a gripping and unforgettable conclusion. For readers who enjoy Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and Jim Butcher, A Soul to Steal is the perfect autumn novel.

Rob Blackwell is a journalist who currently serves as Washington bureau chief for American Banker newspaper. A native of Great Falls, Va., he has worked as a reporter for the Loudoun Times-Mirror, Eastern Loudoun Times and a columnist for the South County Chronicle.
He recently published his first novel, "A Soul to Steal," set in Loudoun County, Va. He has won several Virginia Press Association awards and was co-winner of the Jesse H. Neal Award for Business Journalism.
He lives in Virginia with his wife and two children.

A Soul to Steal eBook Giveaway!
A Soul To Steal
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: A Soul To Steal by Rob Blackwell

A Soul To Steal


You Are What You Fear

Something is stalking the citizens of Loudoun County, Va.

Is it the return of the notorious serial killer known as Lord Halloween? Or is it something worse—a figure that can cloak itself as your worst nightmare?

Kate and Quinn, two community journalists, rush to uncover the truth before a promised bloodbath on Halloween night.

The debut novel from award-winning journalist Rob Blackwell, A Soul to Steal balances suspense, horror, action and humor, building to a gripping and unforgettable conclusion. For readers who enjoy Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and Jim Butcher, A Soul to Steal is the perfect autumn novel. (Goodreads)

Book Details

Title: A Soul to Steal
Author: Rob Blackwell
Genre: mystery/thriller/paranormal
Publisher: Rob Blackwell
Release Date: August 29, 2011 
Source: Author


Don’t make my mistake and read this alone after night fall. I got freaked out at every little noise I heard. Not that that made me stop reading, I couldn’t stop reading even when I got scared; I had to find out what was going to happen next. Mr. Blackwell had me on the edge of my seat throughout all of A Soul to Steal.

A Soul to Steal is about two journalists trying their best to hunt down a serial killer. I quickly became invested in the characters Quinn and Kate. Alone Quinn and Kate both have good careers and lives, but right from the start I know I want them to be together and I see that only if they stand as a team do they hold any hope against this serial killer. Kate has a secret from her past for wanting this monster dead that drives her to the point of not trusting others. It is crazy intense watching all this unfold and not being sure of who the killer is until the end.

It was hard for me to believe that A Soul to Steal is Rob Blackwell’s first novel. I loved how he took just a little bit of the Headless Horseman story and interwove it with his own to make this unique thriller. I think anyone could enjoy this book and it is perfect for this time of year. A Soul to Steal had me smiling one minute and scared of my own shadow the next. And let me tell you this I don’t know how long it will be before I will be able to open my front door to someone I don’t know again…what if they it's serial killer?

Happy Reading,

Loved it! I want to know about everything this author writes.

Recommended For
Older Teen and up: For language, violence, and one sex scene.

Come back tomorrow for a guest post by Rob Blackwell and giveaway of A Soul To Steal!