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Sexy Saturday Review: Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost

I thought I would try to quench my want of by Jeaniene Frost upcoming book Once Burned by re-reading Destined for an Early Grave, as there is a lot of Vlad in this book. I think it may have backfired on me.

Destined for an Early Grave (Night Huntress, #4)

Title: Destined for an Early Grave
Author: Jeaniene Frost
Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: July 28, 2009
ISBN-10: 0061583219
ISBN-13: 978-0061583216
Author’s Website
Source: Self purchase

Hopes for a perfect Paris holiday are dashed when half-vampire Cat Crawfield begins having visions of a vampire named Gregor who's more powerful than Cat's undead lover, Bones, and has ties to her past that even Cat herself doesn't know about. (Goodreads)


It’s no secret that I love this series. Destined for an Early Grave tore me to pieces at times. Cat has a past that even she doesn’t know about and while she and Bones are trying to have a vacation, her past comes back to get her and take her away from bones.

There is an actual chance that Bones could lose Cat and well he goes off the deep end a bit. Cat and Bones have faced many advisories but none like the Gregor, a vampire who can actually snatch you out of your dreams. Bones tries to protect Cat at all cost even if that means not telling her things…well how does withholding information normally work with your partner? Yeah, it doesn’t go well for them either. Cat goes to Gregor to try to try to stop the war between he and Bones. When she returns, what Bones does and says. I was heartbroken for both of them.

With nowhere to go Cat goes with Vlad. Oh my goodness! I am in love with Vlad!!! When he was first introduced into the series I thought he was just a quirky character to get on Bones nerves. I was all kinds of wrong! He takes Cat in when she needs a friend most, and that is what he is to her. I love that he is honest with Cat. Vlad just want companionship when it comes to Cat not to get in her pants. It was a nice change.

There was so much going on in Destined for an Early Grave. Some characters that you love may not make it out alive. Others will change for the better through gruesome acts done to them. Cat and Bones bave the biggest battles after three books was each other. For Cat it is the  insecurity that she will never measure up to the other women Bones has had in his life. For Bones it is his insecurity that Cat will just never open up, as he can read everyone else but her because she blocks him.

The end of this book is so awesome I think I cheered a little the first time I read it! If you are one of those people who have still not started this incredible series, why?

Happy reading,

Awesome! Reread worthy.

Recommended For
Adults: For language, violence, and graphic sex.       


  1. I NEEED to read this series! It seems like everything that I would love, plus I have it marked for the Immortals Challenge! Thanks for your review, and that book trailer! So mysterious and sensual!

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  2. So... I still haven't read a thing by Jeanine Frost. I know, I know, I should have - more so when I'm supposed to be a paranormal fan! The title alone here gets my interest, so... that, coupled with the review, will probably make me pick this series up.

    Thanks for the review, Rebecca! It's great, as always :)

    Ron @ Stories of my life

    1. Ron! I don't believe it!!! OK, be on the lookout for a tweet or an email from me soon;)

  3. Great Review!

    Book 1 was ok, book 2 had THAT CHAPTER WOO HOOT! Book 3 onwards I was in luuurrrvvvvveeee with this series. Bones is AMAZING!!! I am now seeing something spesh about Ian:D



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