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Sexy Saturday post: Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James?

Yesterday my husband went to Barnes and Noble on his lunch break. As he was there he saw a cart filled up high with books waiting to be put out. Well, of course he went over to see what they were, and what did he find? Two titles: Fifty Shades of Grey, and Fifty Shades Darker.

Richie’s question to me was: “Do you think everyone has gotten a bit obsessed?”

My answer: Have you heard there in going to be a movie? And why don’t you read it and find out.

Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, #2)Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades, #3)
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I read Fifty Shades of Grey a few weeks ago and really liked it. In fact right after reading Fifty Shades of Grey I bought the rest of the series and read it all in just a few days. Yes, I know I am late in all the hype. What actually got me to reading the books by EL James were negative reviews on Goodreads. One even saying that there is something wrong with people who liked Fifty Shades of Grey…Well, once I read that I had to read it right?!?!

For those of you who have not read this series, here are some questions you may have:

What kept you from reading this to start with?

I all honesty, the cover. Yep, I’m a cover snob and the tie just did not catch me… Now after reading FSoG I know that THAT tie is the perfect cover.

Is there really a graphic BDSM relationship between the main characters?

Yes, that is one of the reasons going into this series I was worried. But, there is an actual storyline in the book and having read romance, and paranormal romance a lot in the past I am no book prude. I said a few weeks ago when I read this it may not be for everyone because it is graphic. For me, this was a very readable story. I cared enough about the characters to have to know what was going to happen to them from one book to the next.

Did you know that this was originally a fanfiction?

Yes, I did know that going into it. No, I did not feel like I was reading about Edward and Bella.

My questions to you:

Have you jumped on the bandwagon? Have you read this series?

Are you OK with sex in books? or do you avoid those books like the plague?

Everyone from Ellen to the ladies from The View are talking about this book. Did you know Fifty Shades of Grey is going to be a movie?

How on earth do you think they will go about making the Fifty Shades of Grey movie?

What do you think it will end up being rated?

Who would you want in the roles?!?!

I’m excited to here back from you on this one:)
Happy reading,


  1. I JUST caved in & bought this! I felt left out! ;) Will be reading SOON. I am VERY ok w/the subject of the long as the characters are 18+ and consenting, not doing anything illegal, then hey....go for it! ;)

    Plus....these books are getting people to READ that wouldn't normally pick up a book, so I think that is a REALLY good thing!


    1. Yes!!! I love that people are reading because of all the hype!

  2. I'm okay with sex in books, but this one makes me feel sick and I'm not going to read it. I don't like this kind of subjects, but I think that everybody must decide for themselves. I think it's really bad to say that there is something wrong with people who like it. It's just personal taste.

  3. I'm still on the fence if I'll read it - not because of the BDSM, but more because it really doesn't interest me. (The whole twilight fan-fic thing? I'm just not sure on it.) And in this comment, I've successfully convinced myself to read it to see if the hype is worth it. LOL!

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  4. I'm not going to lie, I kind of wanted to review this book because I suspect I would hate it. Does that make me a bad blogger? Ugh, I don't know. The fiance says my most entertaining posts are the ones for things that irritated me. But I try not to do it on purpose...

    Then again, maybe I'd end up liking this book. I don't mind sex in books, and while I hate Twilight, I'm told this is pretty far removed from it's source material. It's on the maybe list.

    1. You're so funny. And I did think it was far removed from Twilight too.

  5. I got it about a month ago and work and homework got in the way of me finishing it :( I'm planning on finishing up once grad school is done! It's definitely steamy and totally different from the YA I typically read!!

  6. I haven't bought it hut I keep reading it at B&N on my nook. I'll get to it eventually. I just really want to know about the story. I feel like all everyone talks about is the bdsm.

    That Ellen buy was rest though!

    Amber @ Du Livre

  7. The story is what kept me hooked.

  8. I read these books due to a review stating that if "you enjoy this series you must be a desperate woman, a sadist, a pervert, and mode ugly things"


    I revelled in the emotional trauma in this trilogy! I was sad to see it go :( I'm very excited for the movie!!

    I prefer sex in books and when it's not there I miss it!;) There I said it, I'm not ashamed. Lol.

    P.s, about the nasty review, if I'm perverted for loving the Fifty trilogy then that's okay!.)

  9. Great post Rebecca :) ! I actually haven't read the series yet and I'm not sure I will because this odesn't sound like something I'd enjoy. I don't mind sex in books, I read a lot of adult books but I'm really not sure Id like the Grey series... I've heard there was a movie adaptation on the way and that Ian Somerhalder wanted to play Grey .. I might pick up a copy of the book before the movie comes out :) !!

  10. Heh! Everyone is talking about this series suddenly... I read book 1 back in August and I did like it. I don't have a problem with books and sex... I think that, as long as there's a plot to justify it, it's fine.

    Okay, and sometimes, it's fine even without the plot as long as the characters are interesting.

    My point is, though, that I agree on the fact that Fifty has a deeper meaning than just smut reading. There's a lot of layers there if you want to look at them-emotional scars, healthy relationships, standing up for oneself... That's what I really liked about the first book.

    And that's what I think won't work in the movie. They'll just make it about the superficial events, the sex and the power and the sparkle. And they won't even do it "hardcore" enough to follow the book, because then it'd be X-rated. So, I believe it'd be a pretty big miss of a movie... But I could be wrong, of course. I hope to be wrong!

    Anyway. Great post!

  11. Am I out of the loop for not having heard anything about this book until recently? Anyways, I'm on the fence about sex in books, whether it works or not, whether it's too graphic or not...I just don't know how I feel. I guess there's not a base line, it just depends on the books itself. Will I ready FSoG? I don't know...

    Btw...I love you :)

  12. Great books this week!!! Hope you enjoy! :)

    Lisa @ Lost in Literature
    My It’s Monday!

  13. You know how you can't complain about the President of the United States unless you actually voted? I feel a little like that when a book is hyped this much. "I can't complain about Fifty Shades of Grey unless I actually read it." :)

    I don't think I will break down and read it, though. I read some great reviews about it back before any of the hype and back before I knew it was fan fiction. I wasn't interested in reading it then so hopefully I'll stay strong.

    I even saw this book on Dr. Oz! It's everywhere.

  14. I know the series is geared towards the female audience, but I would really like to answer some of your questions. Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon and read the series too. I must say it won’t pass the critics’ standards, but it is, indeed, a page turner. I have no qualms about the sex in the books. I am an adult, and I think it is sometimes a necessary element to portray realistic romantic relationships. Anyway, hope you continue reading, Rebecca. Looking forward to more updates from you.

    1. I enjoyed the series as a whole. It is always great to hear that guys are reading:)


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