Sunday, September 30, 2012

2012 Spooking The Spine Update

Hi everyone! Spooking The Spine starts tomorrow. I am so excited about SPS this year. I am going to go about this a bit differently.

Spooking The Spine 2012 button

The first thing that will be a bit different this year is I will be having quite a few guest reviews from fellow bloggers that are awesome!!! I am so excited to have new bloggers on the spine.

Second, I am going to do giveaways a bit different this year. Instead of having a few books to choose from you will choose what you win. Starting tomorrow, and continuing the three Mondays after that I will have a giveaway lasting from Monday to Sunday for a book of your choice up to ten dollars from Book Depository. I will also post the winners every following Monday. Did that all make since? I wanted to give more people the opportunity to win and participate this year.

I will still have GP and giveaways from authors, but I thought giving you book choice would be good for the most part.

I will have a vlog up every Monday to go along with the giveaways.

I hope everyone comes and participates this year:)
Thanks y’all,


Thanks so much for the comment love!