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Review: Intern With The Vampire (Vampire General #1) by Kit Iwaski

Intern With The Vampire (Vampire General #1)



Human medicine is easy. On her first day at Grace General Hospital, new intern Aline Harman risks vampire infection, demonic possession, and having her heart torn out of her chest... and this from her colleagues.
Juggling transhuman politics only becomes more difficult when a patient's life is at stake. With a zombie to resuscitate and a mermaid in critical care, Aline has her hands full. At least the doctors are good-looking. (Goodreads)

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  • Genre: Urban Fantasy 
  • File Size: 207 KB  
  • Publisher: 1889 Labs Ltd 
  • Published: April 12, 2011 
  • ASIN: B004WG36AY

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  This was my first experience with a strictly ebook, but once i read the description of "True Blood meets Scrubs" I jumped on reading it, and I'm so glad I did. Dr.Aline Harman has her life together. She worked at a great hospital, and she gets to relieve her stress with a great doctor. That all comes crashing to an end when Rocque comes through the ER doors.  

After ruining Aline's career in the human world, Rocque offers her a job at Grace General. Upon arriving at Grace General, Aline finds out she can't let anyone know she is human. That's not her only hurtle she also has to figure out a way to fight the pheromones that the vampires secrete naturally that make them even more irresistible, did I mention that most of the doctors are vampires.Intern With A Vampire is a fast and fun read, and I am excited about reading the next instalment in the series.

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4 moons
4 moons: I loved it. It's reread worthy.

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