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Early Review: Dean Koontz' Frankenstein: Prodigal Son Volume 2 SC by Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz' Frankenstein: Prodigal Son Volume 2 SC


The Barnes & Noble Review
Dean Koontz's Frankenstein -- the author's first literary series -- is a nightmare-inspiring, modern-day retelling of Mary Shelley's 1818 horror classic. Coauthored with Kevin J. Anderson, the first installment in this four-volume saga pits a reanimated giant and two tenacious police detectives against the demented scientist who created him.

It's no surprise that Deucalion, at almost seven feet tall and with half his face a mangled ruin, spent time as a European carnie sideshow attraction nicknamed the Monster. After enjoying several peaceful years at a monastery in Tibet, the introspective and enigmatic giant receives dire news: The man who created him centuries earlier, Victor Frankenstein, is inexplicably alive and living in New Orleans under the name of Victor Helios, a wealthy business owner and philanthropist. When Deucalion vows to leave his Tibetan sanctuary and destroy the man who created him, he soon realizes the critical magnitude of his mission -- Helios is in the process is secretly creating a new race of posthumans to take over the world!

As is par for the course in many fiction sagas, readers should be prepared for a cliff-hanger of monumental proportions at the conclusion of Prodigal Son. Koontz and Anderson, however, masterfully set the table for a virtual feast of hideous twists and turns, nightmarish monstrosities, and nonstop action in upcoming installments. Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, in which a man transforms himself into a monster and a monster learns what it's like to be human, is an absolutely brilliant rendition of the Shelley classic -- a horror tour de force. Paul Goat Allen (Goodreads)


Product Details

  • Paperback: 128 pages
  • Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment (July 12, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 1606901877
  • ISBN-13: 978-1606901878
Authors Website: http://www.deankoontz.com/


I'm not normally one to go for graphic novels, but I saw this one posted on Net Galley and it caught my attention.  This upcoming release is the second installment in Koontz' Frankenstein series, which I didn't realize at first.  Even though I haven't read the rest of the series, I was instantly drawn (no pun intended) into the story.  It read like a great novel and had the illustrations that add to the story.

Having been my first exposure to graphic novels, I didn't know exactly what to expect.  I really enjoyed the experience!  And more than that, I am looking forward to future installments in the series (and to maybe reading the previous novels).

Many Adventures,
5 moons
5 moons: I absolutely loved it, and will be looking into everything this author writes.


Recommended For

Older teens up.  The word “sex” is used a couples times and there is a drawing that is shaded in such a way that no anatomy shows, but you can tell that the woman is not clothed.

Other Books in this Series

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*This  ARC was provided to me by the publishers via Net Galley.*

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