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Review: Dead Wrong by Wendy L Callahan

Dead Wrong


A vampire with a past she prefers to forget meets up with a remnant of the life she once knew. The desire for a revenge she had given up on getting resurfaces as her past comes back to haunt her new life. (Goodreads)

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                                            Genre: Urban Fantasy

                                            Format: Kindle Edition
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                                            Publisher: Damnation Books LLC 
                                            Published: June 1, 2011
                                            ASIN: B00538A1FS
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Dead Wrong is a short, dark Urban Fantasy that surprisingly, when you’re finished reading, feels as though you have read a full novel. My biggest problem with the story almost had me pass it up from the start. It happened within the first four pages, the main character Shiva has sex out in the open for pretty much no other reason then to blow off steam. Now this is just my opinion but for me it would have made more sense for there to have been a fight scene between the two main characters to start with and have a little longer beginning than a meaningless sex scene to jumpstart the book. But I am glad that I continued reading.

The dark world that the author created was definitely something you could see as you read, and one I could see being built up if Ms. Callahan decided to turn this into a series. Shiva (the main character) was a great character to read about. She was tough, yet still vulnerable when needed.  The author does a great job at creating Shiva’s past, present, and then colliding the two worlds together. As a whole I enjoyed this one.

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3 moons
3 moons: I liked it

Recommended For

Adults: Multiple sex scenes and language.

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