Thursday, June 9, 2011

Review: Hilda the Wicked Witch by Paul Kater

Hilda the wicked witch


A fairy-land witch gets transported to our world and struggles to go home.

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This is a really quick read and I got it from Amazon as a free book. Those are two of the best things I can say about it. This book could have been a really cute light read, but it is just not well written. Hilda is transported to our world, just as she is about to take a poisoned apple to a Snow White character. She turns people into frogs, frightens a biker gang (which happens to run off with her magic necklace that will return her home) and has her first taste of coffee, which she loves. I liked Hilda and her view of our world, but the writing went between stiff antiquated language and modern slang. I just don't think Hilda would go back and forth like that in speech. It was a cute idea, but bad writing killed it. If you are in need of something, anything to read, then go get it for free.

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1 moon: I had to make myself finish it.

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