Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blogging Rules: Does Genre matter ?

I love blogging don’t you!


I was talking with another blogger the other day about how I plan on adding Horror to the genres of books I review on Bending The Spine. I thought it would be a good add into the mix of what I already review. But the more I got to thinking about it, the more I got to wondering…does it matter?


My question to you:

Does it matter to you if a blog has a certain genre focus, (like paranormal/urban fantasy) or for you is it all about the variety?

My Answer: When I started Bending The Spine I was at a very high stress job and needed a serious escape like Fantasy, Paranormal, and Urban Fantasy when I opened up a book…and I just love those genres. They will always be my favorites. Now that that I don’t have that job and I’m not seeing so much ugliness in the real world I like to read what I call “real books” every now and again. And I do read bloggers who’s blogs are genre specific and who’s blogs that are pretty much genre everything.

Happy Blogging and Reading!


  1. Personally? I don't think genre is a big deal... I review/blog for me. I have eclectic tastes in reading so I tend to review a hodge podge of stuff...

  2. My blog tends to focus on fantasy, but that's only because this is what i read. I'm not really bothered what genre a blog focuses on, a lot of the time I'll read blogs because I like the style of the writer and/or their articles are interesting.

  3. My blog doesn't have a focus...it is mainly fiction but ranges in the fiction category. I do read some nonfiction...and I have a review coming soon of a nonfiction book. I figure read what you like and review it. I read whatever I'm in the mood for...or whatever has been requested of me to review! =)

    1. I agree! I set up my blog to give my opinion on the books I read and therefore my 'reviews' reflect my taste in books. I love (urban)fantasy, (paranormal and historical) romance and mystery, but I also visit other genres if a book appeals to me.

  4. Oh goodness, I read all sorts of stuff! I always admire people who can be so specific! My mind isn't that organized. ;)

  5. My blog isn't genre specific - I blog about what I read and I have several favourite genres. :) I do know bloggers who only blog about horror/paranormal/etc but I prefer to see a little bit of variety.

  6. My blog isn't genre specific. I love most Speculative fiction but also read a wide range of historical fiction and romance on occasion. Then occasionally I will pop in a classic or general fiction. My first love is speculative though. So I am more likely to read blogs that have anything to do with those genres, the only stuff I don't get into are mysteries. So I don't think it matters, and if you do branch into horror I will enjoy reading your thoughts.

    Beth ^_^

  7. I read everything and so I blog everything. I think I'd get bored if I tried to be genre specific - although I understand the idea. I'd love to see more horror reviewed and you'd do it so well.

  8. My blog is currently mostly YA specific but I enjoy a lot of historical fiction as well, I just haven't picked one up in a while.

    I think the only thing that will change is readership. Your reviews will pull more 'horror fanatics' to your blog which is never a bad thing. :p Really when it comes down to it, a book is a book!

  9. I'm a paranormal/urban fantasy reader, but I don't mind reading reviews on other genres. I've found several books (and authors) I might have missed otherwise if not for reading blog reviews. But I have to say, I'm really excited that you're going to start reviewing horror. I think that genre is next in line as my fav after paranormal and urban fantasy. YAY!! LOL

  10. I actually like when a blog isn't all one type all the time. Probably because I read so many different genres that my blog isn't specific. While mine is a bit YA heavy at times, I really do read some different types. I say read what you want, we like your reviews, and will keep reading!

  11. My blog is YA, not necessarily specific genres. And I follow various YA blogs, whether they focus on specific genres or not. I think that reading new genres is great, no matter what other blogger's preferences are. I've been adding to mine some variety lately. :)

  12. I like variety on blogs. I like hearing people's opinion of books that are out of there comfort genre.

  13. I read almost every genre, but I tend to like blogs that have some sort of focus, even if it reviews several different genres. :)

    Btw, it looks like I HUNT KILLERS was shipped to you today! Let me know when you receive it.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  14. Thanks so much y'all! This has helped so much. You rock!!!

  15. I read a lot of genres. The most important thing for me, is that I want to read the books I love. And if that's a romance or a thriller, I don't really mind.

    I do have favorites and most of the time I read those genres, but I try to look outside my box everytime. Just to keep myself entertained and dazzled ^^


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