Thursday, March 8, 2012

What Do You Think?

Hi everyone!
I know a lot of you have stopped using GFC, but as I am still on Blogger I am still using GFC. I will soon have the Linky Follow feature as well, and I have been on Facebook, and Twitter for some time. 

I recently reached 600 GFC followers and wanted to do a giveaway!!!
I will have a 600 Follower giveaway up Monday!

My question is this: Should this be a book choice as I did here or would you rather a gift card giveaway? If it is a book choice, what books would you want in the giveaway?

Thanks y’all,


  1. For me, giftcards are great because you can pick out any book you want! But they're awful because you can pick any book you want and that is SO HARD TO DO! I think a book choice is the better way to go and congratulations on your followers! :)

  2. Congratulations on 600 followers! That's terrific!
    Maybe book choice... as long as I don't have them all! ( :
    I'd suggest Harbringer, Incarnate, The Stastical Probability of Love at First sight and maybe The Girl who was on Fire...

  3. Books choices, I think, are the best because,not only is it generally simpler, but it always feel more personal than a gift card (even when it's not).

  4. Congrats on 600 followers!! I'm also still using GFC in conjunction with linky. I'm also loving the idea of book choices.

  5. How about doing a post where you explain the Linky thing? I don't quite "get" that. I know you didn't ask that question, but...what is the Linky thing. I'm seeing it around more...

    1. It's a new way to follow blogs. It is a lot like GFC, and sense only blogger blogs will be able to use GFC soon I guess it's the next big thing. The link:
      If that doesn't help I can send you more stuff:)

  6. Book choice! So much fun. But only if the winner shares what they choose!

  7. Thanks y'all!!!
    Looks like it will be book choice and I will have people say what book they want in the comments:)


Thanks so much for the comment love!