Sunday, July 1, 2012

Book Shop Stop #3

Continuing on our bookish adventures and sharing them with you, yesterday my husband and I visited this awesome independent bookshop.

McDowell’s Emporium sells new and used books, they also ship. Aside from that…How cute is this place y’all?!?!

McDowell’s is covered floor to ceiling, row after row in very organized books. Books are organized by genre, then by alphabetical author name.

Something so cool happened during my visit Saturday! I actually met another book blogger. Travis from Inked Books is McDowell’s YA book pusher. I had a great time talking with him and the super nice owner:)

Richie and I found a couple of books we “needed” while there.
I have been wanting to reread the Vampire Chronicles series, its been year since I read any of them. Richie grabbed Along Came A Spider. These books are in great shape and we only paid 2$ for each of them.

McDowell’s is located at: 104 Oak Drive, Anderson, SC 29625
McDowell’s Emporium is open Monday – Saturday 10am to 5pm
Closed Sunday
Take a look:

Do you know of any amazing bookstores I don’t know about? If they have a website let me know about it in the comments:) I live in the upstate of SC, so if you know of any bookstore gems in my neck of the woods tell me about them and I will do my best to give them a visit. I will be posting my bookstore adventures on Sundays:)


  1. Oh my god, this place looks neeat! I love the way the books are arranged and the sign outside is really cute :)

  2. It looks absolutely amazing! The building, the sign, but most of all those SHELVES!!!

  3. That place looks so cute! I'm amazed at how clean and organized it looks too. I'm always frustrated when a used book store is all messy and unorganized. It's too overwhelming.

    1. I agree! I need the books I'm looking at to have some kind of order, and these do.


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