Monday, July 16, 2012

Bookish Things: Fairytales, Fantasy & Fear

I’m a huge fan of art and museums, and art museums.  We found out about an exhibit at the Mint Museum in Uptown Charlotte that we just had to see.  So, on the closing weekend (which was our first chance to get back to Charlotte), we threw some clothes in a bag, the kids in the Titan, and took off on a surprise attack visit to my parents, and the museum.

The Fairytale, Fantasy, and Fear exhibit featured art related to those three topics, and were presented as a walk-through in that order.  There were very cool, amazing things, and very disturbing, macabre things…basically a little something for everyone!  There were even zombies!  And they were eating someone.  It was bloody.  And it was cool!  My favorite art piece was the PVC forest (see the pics at the bottom of the post).  Breathtaking, stunning, amazing!
Stay Out of My Closet
I know that you guys can’t go to the exhibit, it’s closed.  but click on any picture to go the Mint’s website.  Also, check out the Wiki page for more info on the featured art and some videos.

All images are from the Mint’s website, because they didn’t allow any photography.  Which is really sad, ‘cause there’s some awesome stuff that you don’t get to see…like the tar Cinderella’s carriage.

The Mint has some exhibits that are there all the time, and several spaces that rotate special exhibits.  There’s also a second location, the Randolph.  I never knew that Madeline Albright had so many pins.  Check out the info on the website.

Y’all, if you’re ever in the Charlotte area, check out the Mint.  It’s really affordable, right in the heart of Uptown, and pretty freakin’ amazing!

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Fairytales, Fantasy, & Fear


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