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Children’s Review: Little Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood by Timothy Tocher, Bruce Lansky

Little Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood

Title: Little Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood
Author: Bruce Lansky, Timothy Tocher
Publisher: Meadowbrook
Release Date: March 6, 2012
ISBN: 1442449063
ASIN: B0073H86H2
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In this free short story Big Bad Wolf is running a successful scam on Little Red's Grandma until Little Red catches him in the act. If you like this sample story, look for "The Newfangled Fairy Tales" series. Each fairy tale in the series puts a delightful new spin on classic stories and themes. King Midas is a workaholic banker who would rather play with his money than attend his son's Little League baseball games. The Three Bears invade Goldy's house because their forest home is being stripped to build a super highway. A Prince refuses to marry any of the grumpy princesses who lost sleep because there were peas under their mattresses. A clever princess pays a dragon to lose a fight so she can marry the man she loves. The twenty short stories in this series are lots of fun. (Goodreads)

What I Thought About It

Why I picked this book…
I picked this book because I liked the title. The title sounded fun and I have always liked the Red Riding Hood story.

What I liked about this story…
I liked that they changed the Red Riding Hood story by adding new characters and making it more fun. In this story no one dies not even the wolf. I really liked that Little Red Riding Hood and Little Bad Wolf became great friends.

The characters I liked most…

Little Bad Wolf was one of my favorite characters. L.B. Wolf’s father had gone missing and he decided he was going to go find him.I liked how brave L.B. Wolf was. I also liked Little Red Riding Hood. She was very nice and always trying to help her grandmother.

Would I recommend other kids read this book?

Yes, This Red Riding Hood story was lots of fun. I hope my mom buys me Newfangled Fairy Tales the complete book soon! I bet the other tells are just as fun as this one.

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  1. I think I will read this too Riah! Great review!

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