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Children’s Review: Little Comics for Little Reader by Gloria Lapin

Little Comics for Little Readers

Title: Little Comics for Little Readers
Author: Gloria Lapin
BN ID: 2940011068164
Publisher: Gloria Lapin
Publication date: 8/3/2010
Source: Own
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These 3 easy to read stories in comic format are perfect for beginning readers. A cat, a pig, and a dog entertain while giving readers practice with beginning phonics. [Goodreads]

What I Thought About It

Why I picked this book…

I picked it because of it’s title.  I like that it was a comic for children.

What I liked about this story…

I liked that it had several little comics.  I thought they were sort of fun.

The characters I liked most…

I like the girl with the pig and the wig.  They were funny because the girl gave the pig a wig.

Would I recommend other kids read this book?

Yes, I would.  Because I think younger kids would like it a lot.

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