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Review: Shifting Dreams by Elizabeth Hunter

Shifting Dreams (Cambio Springs, #1)

Title: Shifting Dreams
Author: Elizabeth Hunter
Print Length: 277 pages
Publisher: E. Hunter
Release Date: March 3, 2013
Source: Author
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Somedays, Jena Crowe just can’t get a break. Work at her diner never ends, her two boys are bundles of energy, and she’s pretty sure her oldest is about to shift into something furry or feathery. Added to that, changes seem to be coming to the tiny town of Cambio Springs—big changes that not everyone in the isolated town of shapeshifters is thrilled about.

Caleb Gilbert was looking for change, and the quiet desert town seemed just the ticket for a more peaceful life. He never counted on violence finding him, nor could he have predicted just how crazy his new life would become.

When murder rocks their small community, Caleb and Jena will have to work together. And when the new Chief of Police isn’t put off by any of her usual defenses, Jena may be faced with the most frightening change of all: lowering the defenses around her carefully guarded heart.

Shifting Dreams is the first novel in Cambio Springs, the new paranormal romance series from Elizabeth Hunter, author of the best-selling Elemental Mysteries series. (Goodreads)


As many of you know I am a very big Elizabeth Hunter fan. Hunter's Elemental Mysteries series is one of my favorites. Shifting Dreams is the first book in an all new series and after reading this first book in the Cambio Springs series I am so excited about what is to come from this world!

Cambio Springs, where Shifting Dreams takes place, is almost a character itself. All the people that live in this special town are also the keeper of its secrets and vice versa. I truly loved all the back story, rich history, and folklore that Hunter created/adapted to bring in all of the paranormal elements that flow through this town that makes it what it is. I have always been a big fan of any type shifter story and it is always refreshing to me to have the history of why people are shifting in the first place… I was given that in Shifting Dreams.  

What I love most about Hunter's writing is how real she makes her characters, regardless of all the paranormal world they are living in.

Jena is a widowed mother of two boys who is completely devoted to her family. What I really liked about Jena is that she didn’t complain about the hardship in her life. She took what she was given and worked with it to the best of her ability. I loved how strong Jena was, but I will say her ability to be so stubborn towards love with our main man Caleb drove me a little nuts. (More on that laterSmile) Jena’s two boys are really who stole my heart. Low, Jena’s oldest son, is tough. He feels very protective of his mom and brother and takes that very seriously. Bear, the younger of the two brothers, has an uncanny ability to know things about people and because of this he has an easy way with people because he knows who he can trust. Put in the fact that Bear is just plain cute and you have a character that I am really wanting to see more of.   

Caleb is new to the small town of Cambio Springs and has no idea what he has gotten himself into by taking the job of sheriff. Caleb has a past that he wants desperately to get away from but he soon discovers that he can’t hide like he wanted in this small town. I really liked Caleb, and not just because he was hot, strong, and totally sure of himself in a charming way… When a murder takes place in the town he goes above and beyond to solve what happened even after being blocked by many of the townspeople to protect their secret.

The relationship between Caleb and Jena was fun to watch unfold. Caleb tried to get to Jena at every available moment and let me tell you Jena did not make it easy for him at all. I love the two of them together and as Shifting Dreams progressed I wanted all four (Jena, Caleb, Bear, and Low) of them to be a family. Elizabeth Hunter did not write their story as an easy get together, but maybe that is why I cheered for them so hard.

I think anyone could enjoy Shifting Dreams, especially fans of Mercy Thompson, or any shifter romance mystery. I am so excited to continue with this series!

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4 Moons
This was great! Go get you a copy!

Recommended For
Teen and up: I t does have a bit of gore, and sexual content.

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  1. It really does sound like a great read. So glad you enjoyed it. The cover looks good too! :)

  2. I keep thinking I need to read more adult fiction! Might give this a try!

    1. Try her Elemental Mystery series. It's one of my favorites:)

  3. I adore when supernatural books have such real believable characters! And um, this Caleb sounds great.

  4. Wow, how have I not heard of this author before? I'm always on the lookout for new UF series to try, so thanks for the heads up on this one. Enjoyed your review!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden


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