Thursday, November 10, 2011

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This Weeks Question:

In light of 11.11.11 and Veteran's Day tell us about your favorite solider and how he or she is saving the world. Fictional or real life.

I would normally just pick out one of my favorite book characters that fit the question and let that be it.  but, I can’t do that with this one. A little over a year ago I was shopping with a friend when she got a call about her husband who was serving over sees at the time. The call she received was to tell her that her husband had been injured. That was all the info she was given. She had to go about her life without any more word until later that night, many hours after the original call. My friend found out that her husband was going to be Ok.

This experience opened my eyes to what the family's of the solders are going through while they are gone fighting for us all. So I guess that’s my answer: The people that are at home praying day and night for the safe return of their solider. The wife's, husbands, mothers, fathers, family, and friends that are left not knowing if their loved one is coming home or not. They are in the service to and to often forgotten.

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  1. WOW it would be so scary to get that call.. and I am glad that everything turned out OK for your friend!

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  2. Still hoping all wars would come to and end.

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  3. Hi! New to Follower Friday :).

    I would be so scared if I got that call...the suspense of not knowing what happened would kill me, honestly.


  4. Yeah, waiting to see if you get a call would be scary.

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

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  5. Oh man. I can only wonder about what she went through. I would be so scared to get that call. Come visit me as well.

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  6. That is such a powerful story. Thank you for sharing. I bet all military families are scared to get that call. Happy Veteran's Day!

  7. That is so hard. I feel so lucky that because my dad was a photographer in the Navy, he never went into actual combat against anyone. He was still in some dangerous situations, though. I can't imagine what your friend must have gone through when she got that call.

  8. I'm glad that your friends husband was ultimately ok. That recently happened with a friend of mine, her family was told she was injured and that was it. It was two days before she had a chance to make a phone call and tell them she was ok. Now she's home on R&R and will deploy again in a month or so...

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  9. @JacI can't imagine two day...that must have been torture.

  10. A very scary call, glad everything was fine.

  11. Hopping through. I'm glad your friend's husband was okay.
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  12. happy vet's day! I'm a follower here!

    stop by my blog?! I just got a SHINY new scifi design to go along with my book! :)

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