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Review: Supernaturally by Kiersten White

Supernaturally (Paranormalcy, #2)


Evie finally has the normal life she’s always longed for. But she’s shocked to discover that being ordinary can be . . . kind of boring. Just when Evie starts to long for her days at the International Paranormal Containment Agency, she’s given a chance to work for them again. Desperate for a break from all the normalcy, she agrees.
But as one disastrous mission leads to another, Evie starts to wonder if she made the right choice. And when Evie’s faerie ex-boyfriend Reth appears with devastating revelations about her past, she discovers that there’s a battle brewing between the faerie courts that could throw the whole supernatural world into chaos. The prize in question? Evie herself.
So much for normal. (Goodreads)

Book Details

Title: Supernaturally
Author: Kiersten White
Genre: YA, Paranormal
Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: July 26, 2011
ISBN-10: 0061985864
ISBN-13: 978-0061985867
Source: Library


I know it shouldn’t mater but I love this cover! I loved the cover for Paranormalcy as well. These covers just grab you. I think they are so gorgeous! Ok onto the review

Supernaturally starts out some months after Paranormalcy left off. Evie now has the nice normal life she has always dreamed of having. But, it’s still nothing like her favorite TV show…it’s boring, and her gym teacher hates her, her amazing boyfriend is away at college most of the time, and lockers just aren't cool enough to make up for all that reality of real normal life. So we get a not as much fun Evie. Honestly I wasn't expecting Supernaturally to be as light and fun as Paranormalcy, not with everything that happened at the end of Paranormalcy. Even though I totally missed a certain mermaid who brought out the best in Evie’s character. I bleepen enjoyed Supernaturally and finished it in one day.

Evie was understandably way more down/angsty in this book but I really felt like it was needed for the story to progress. I was so excited to see so many of the Paranormalcy characters back to be in Evie’s life. My two favorites would have to be Reth and Vivian. Reth really surprised me in this one, I’m just not sure what to think of him now. Yes, I know he’s Fey and for that fact can’t be trusted but I really want to trust him(or just find out his real name for my own evil purposes.) Then I really liked how White has this continual growing relationship between Vivian and Evie I like how they talk to one another in their dreams. It was nice to see Evie wanting to go to someone for advice.

I all kinds of love Lend and would of liked to have seen more of him, but what I got to see was great. He has got to be the best boyfriend ever! Evie and Lend love each other. But, there is a new character that is about to get in their way. I had a love hate relationship with Jack. I wanted to like him and he seemed like a lot of fun, but from the moment he jumped on page I just didn’t trust him. Jack made me uneasy through the book…but then again maybe that’s why he was there.

I love this series! I don’t know how the bleep I am going to wait for July 2012 to get here so that I can read Endlessly, but I guess I will have to try.

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Awesome! Reread worthy.

Recommended For
Tween and up: There is some violence and kissing.

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  1. Covers always matter! And the ones from this series have been calling to me for a while. Your review has left me all kinds of curious now, too! Past relationships, new dream-like ones, a likely triangle that might actually be a square... I'm definitely going to read this before the third book comes out!

    Thanks for the great review!

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  2. I agree with you on mixed feelings for Reth. He seems like he cares about Evie, at least somewhat. But then he's a fairy, so it's hard to tell.

  3. @Alison Can ReadThank you I am so up in the air over him I can't wait for the next!


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