Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mark Tufo’s Haunted Blog Tour: Stop 2, Giveaways, & More

Hello fellow ghosts and ghoul hunters! Welcome to Mark Tufo’s Haunted Blog Tour. The Haunted Blog Tour will be a ten day chill fest that will take you from one Haunted Blog to another! Today is the second day of our Haunted Blog Tour...our host for this adventure, THE SPIRIT CLEARING’s Michael Talbot. Along the tour you will have a chance to win Michael’s twisted story and have the chance to win some very exciting prizes. At our last stop via www.bookmereviews.com we were introduced to Michael Talbot our host for this Haunted Blog Tour! Let us check back in with him...
“Are you an expert on the paranormal?” A woman possibly in her mid-thirties asked me, it was difficult to tell as she was dressed all in black like the specters we were looking for.
“Umm well I’ve had a bunch of paranormal experiences, so kinda.” I answered.
“Jack I told you this was a waste of money, ‘our guide’.” She said contemptuously to her traveling companion and by his whipped dog expression I figured Goth girl was his wife. “doesn’t know anything.”
“Yes, dear.” He said to his wife as he nodded in commiseration with me.
“Well, this is the lobby.” I said as we strode through the oversized double doors.
“Sheer genius.” She said sarcastically.
“Something’s wrong mister.” My little point man said to me.
I knew that was the case just watching the words come out of his mouth, mainly because I could see them. Yeah it was October in Pennsylvania, but it was a relatively balmy 50 degrees. Even in the dimming light I watched as goose bumps traveled down the length of his arm, as if the dead were caressing him.
“Whoa.” He said in a soft exclamation, the air had got so cold his words crystallized into ice and tinkled to the floor. Or that might have been me tinkling tough to say, I was plenty scared. “Neat trick mister!” Peppy Pete said.
“Yeah, yeah, good stuff.” I said as I rubbed my hands together.
“You guys have a good time.” Dwayne said as he pushed me in over the threshold. Nearly clipping my heels as he rapidly closed the door.

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What State’s penitentiary is the group touring?

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About the Author

Mark Tufo is the author of several books, including Indian Hill, Indian Hill 2: Reckoning, and Timothy. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, he is a former member of the U.S. Marine Corp. Mark lives in Maine with his wife, three kids and two English bulldogs.  You can find Mark at www.marktufo.com or on Facebook.

About the Book

After a horrific accident Mike wakes to find himself blind in one eye. He now sees things that others can’t and nobody will listen to him.
That is until he meets Jandilyn Hollow. Will she be able to pull him out of the depths of his despair?
Can love transcend even death?

A special thanks to Parajunkee and Mark Tufo for participating in Spooking the Spine! 

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  1. I've actually visited the Penitentiary in question! Admittedly, only during the daylight hours....it was still kind of eerie/spooky in a way, though.

  2. I am jazzed to start reading this book Mark! :) Great blog so far!!!

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  4. What fun, just little tidbits to keep us wanting more!

  5. Love this blog so far and can't wait to see what happens to Michael.

  6. Love the whole ZF series has got ke plotting with all my friends about what we are going to do just in case, lol has been pretty entertaining to see how inept at servival we are. Needless to say weve picked whos going to save us and decided Bruce Willis or Matt Damon would be perfect

  7. Thank you for letting us stop by your blog!

  8. Thanks for the chance Mark!

  9. Do you generally optimize the articles for search machines?


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