Thursday, November 15, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2: Are you Going?

Though I am not a Twi-Hard I did enjoy the Twilight series when I read it a few years back. I have even been to the movies to see each of the films. Um… I think most of us can agree that the Twilight movies are not the most amazing movies in the world, but there is something fun about going and seeing them with a bunch of other fans.

With one day left before I can go see Breaking Dawn part 2 I was wondering who else out is planning on going out to see it? And what are you most excited for?

What I am most excited for:

I have heard that the movie goes different than the book (like most book adaptations), and that a lot of people who wanted to read that epic battle seen (that didn’t really happen) at the end are going to really love the movie. It is also said that you need to stay through the credits to see some surprise footage:) I guess I will find out when I go see it for myself.

Happy watching,


  1. The movies are pretty cheesy yet fun anyway. I have the BD part 1 DVD waiting to be watched. I'm in no rush but I'm sure I'll see the whole series at some point.

    I'm glad they changed the ending because really how exciting would it be on film if they went with the book version??

  2. Can. Not. Wait. LOL

    I did not like the books nearly as much as the movies. Twihards cry "blasphemy!" at that, but it's a personal preference. ^.^

    Even hubby wants to see it.

    1. You are lucky! My husband will not go anywhere near anything Twilight. I talked him into reading the book... He still has not forgiven me;)

  3. I'm going tonight at midnight with my sister! We've seen all of them since the first one at the midnight premiere, before she'd even finished reading the first book. She couldn't get into it at first, but the movie got her going. Now I've had to travel to NYC last year and this year to continue our tradition because she's moved here, and can't come home this weekend, and next for Thanksgiving. I understand why they changed it. That's partly why I'm not re-reading it before this time. What I'm most looking forward to is the arm wrestling scene between Bella and Emmett, all I know is they better have that scene!! :-)

    1. I am sure that scene is in. I LOVE seeing midnight shows with my sisters too!!! Such a great tradition:)

  4. Oh I'm sure one day I'll give in and watch it but since neither the books or the movies appeal to me I'm not as excited as everyone else. Still, I get what you mean about going with all those fans. There's an excitement that's hard to beat.


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