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Blog Tour Review and Giveaway: The Guardian of Bastet by Jacqueline M. Battisti


Title: The Guardian of Bastet
Author: Jacqueline Battisti
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance Publisher: Carina Press Date of Publication: 8/20/2012 ISBN: 978-14268-9424-4 ASIN: B0088NH1Z8 Number of pages: 237 Word Count: 84,000 Source: Bewitching Book Tours Goodreads   Amazon    Barnes & Noble

Cat-shifter Trinity Morrigan-Caine has discovered a demon is killing supernaturals. Magically challenged, she has every intention of letting handsome Alpha werewolf Gordon Barnes handle it. But after a dying vampire gifts Trinity a mystical amulet, she is drawn into the fray as the legendary Guardian of Bastet, a warrior born when the need arises.

Though Trinity initially rejects the role, she warms to the idea when Gordon agrees to train her—and their passion for each other grows as he teaches her to embrace her animal instincts.

As she begins to accept her destiny and believe in her growing powers, Trinity realizes the danger is even closer to home than she ever imagined—and she and Gordon are going to have to face the demon in a fight to the death...(Goodreads)


It took me a little bit to get into The Guardian of Bastet. In the beginning it seamed to move a bit slow and I was a little worried at first, then all of a sudden the story takes off and I could not push the page button on my reader fast enough.

You all know that Urban Fantasy is one of my favorite genres. Well, the cool thing about The Guardian of Bastet is that while it is obviously a UF it also has a bit of PNR mixed in as well. Another fun thing about TGoB is that for the most part the paranormal characters go by the old rules: As in werewolves can’t handle silver, and vampires must be invited into a residence.

With an exasperated sigh he said, “You have to invite me in, Trinity. I am a vampire,
remember? I cannot enter until I am formally invited inside. Since this is my first visit to this
address, you must give me permission.”
“Damn, I forgot.” Stupid of me…

Jacqueline M. Battisti is a new author to me and I was very impressed by how character driven The Guardian of Bastet is. I really grew to love Trinity. At first Trinity is very unsure of herself as far as her supernatural abilities go.

I can yell like the girl I am. (I swear my voice goes sonic when I screech.) I have some martial arts training, great marksmanship with my handgun and a keen sense of smell. But that’s about it. I’m nothing special, just a genetic disappointment. It seems being a half-and-half, I have the ability to cast spells and shift, but neither one is very impressive. My spells tend to backfire, usually to my
mortification, and I only shift into a housecat. Not exactly intimidating material, so I may as well
be a norm.

I loved that I got to see her grow so much throughout the book. Trinity’s character was very well developed. Not to mention the fact that she is incredibly snarky and sarcastic, so of course I have to love her character. I loved Trinity’s normal BFF, Brandon! He is so sweet and has no idea about Trinity’s supernatural side. I am excited to see how their relationship continues if there are future books in this world. Another male character that I rally enjoyed is the very smexy Gordon. Gordon is the alpha werewolf in town. The blooming relationship between he and Trinity really fit, and I love the fact that he is alpha, but not in that annoying overpowering way.

I would love to go through so many more characters with you but then I will start to give to much of the story away…

I very much enjoyed this urban fantasy! I knew who the villain was early on but that didn’t spoil the story for me because I wanted to see how each characters role would play out. I am anxious to see more of these characters in the future.

Happy reading,

It's good. I had fun for the most part.

Recommended For
16 and up : For language, violence, and sexual content.

The Guardian of Bastet
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