Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Will I see you tonight???

WHO: The tour boasts a stellar lineup of New York Times bestselling and award-winning authors, including:

  • Beth Revis (Shades of Earth Backlist: Across the Universe, A Millions Suns)
  • Fiona Paul (Venom)
  • Morgan Rhodes (Falling Kingdoms)
  • Elizabeth Richards (Black City)
  • Jess Spotswood (Born Wicked)

I am SO EXCITED about seeing these authors tonight!

Where will they be?

Fiction Addiction Book store in Greenville, SC @ 6:30 pm.

Is the tour coming your way?

Is anyone else totally excited to see and talk to these authors? (Hope I don’t geek out.)
If you could ask any of these awesome authors a question what would it be?
Hope to see you tonight, 


  1. Oh, have fun! That's such an amazing list of authors.

  2. WOW! I am envious! I hope it is coming my way!


Thanks so much for the comment love!