Friday, September 16, 2011

Follow Me Friday (19)

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This weeks question:

What imaginary book world would you like to make a reality?

I would have to say Kate Daniels. There are just so many different elements in this Urban Fantasy that make it continually fun. If I were to become a character in that world the sky would be the limit. You could have magic to aid you, or you could change into another form. I love the world that has formed around this series.
Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, #1)Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, #2)Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, #...Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels, #4...Magic Slays (Kate Daniels, #5)

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  1. I haven't heard of this series, but the covers look awesome! I'll have to check it out :)
    Old Follower!

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  2. I have this series sitting on my shelf! Now I can't wait to get to it. Must be really good if you want to be in it.

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  3. Hi!--new follower!

    Oooh--I love finding new authors/series!!! Sounds like fun!--I went with Harry Potter as one of my top picks!

    Hope you have a great weekend!!!


  4. Hi! New follower. Kate Daniels is on my TBR, I've had the book for a while but just haven't got around to reading it yet!

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  5. I love, love this series!! I have to agree with you on your pick!! I live in Ga, and the scenes in the book you can really see when I read it. I would have to be some kind of magic something though if this happens to Atlanta for real.

    Old Follower!
    Happy Friday!
    Beth ^_^

  6. Hi Rebecca - Nice to meet you. Thanks for following my blog. I now follow you back. I have never read any of Kate's book. They sound awesome. I will have to add them to my 2-read list. Thanks.

    - Beckie

  7. Hopping through. I need to read Kate Daniels some time. I've heard good things about her books.
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  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you back. :)

    I've never read any of Kate Daniels books but they look pretty cool. I'll have to check them out.


  9. This week’s Follow Friday question is a hoot! In typical Howard Sherman fashion my answer isn’t a book world. No way. Uh uh.

    I picked an imaginary UNIVERSE.

    You know how the saying goes – if you’re going to dream, dream big!

    And I did! Follow me back to my blog and explore this imaginary universe with me –

    Thank God it’s Follow Friday!

    Howard Sherman

  10. Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for visiting my blog :)

    I really need to read Kate Daniels, I've heard good things! :)


  11. New follower here!

    I've never heard of this series, but it looks like a fab read. I'll definitely have to check it out soon.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  12. I've heard such good things about this series. I think I'm going to try it and see what I think about the Urban Fantasy genre. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. I haven't heard of this series before, but it certainly sounds interesting. I'll have to add it to my to-read list.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  14. I love love love this series. It was the first book review I did for my blog.

    Have a great weekend!

    Tania @ Wandering Hues

  15. I haven't tried reading Urban Fantasy books yet so I'll give Magic Bites a try when I find a copy since after reading the summary I'm tickled with intrigue. Thanks. ☺

  16. @Richard @trailsofthepen I hope you enjoy Magic Bites when you give it a try:)


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