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Review: Dollhouse by Anya Allyn

Dollhouse (Dollhouse, #1)
Title: Dollhouse
Author: Anya Allyn
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Print Length: 295 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1475034725
Language: English
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Fifteen year old Aisha disappears in the forests on a school hiking trip. She's the latest in a string of children to vanish there over the past five years. The towns surrounding the forests are on edge and they demand answers. And wildboy Ethan—Aisha's boyfriend—is on the run after he and his grandfather are blamed for Aisha's disappearance.

Cassie is just about the only friend Ethan has left. She's been secretly in love with him ever since her mother dragged her to the wilds of Australia from Florida six months ago.

Desperate to prove Ethan's innocence, Cassie searches the forests with Ethan to find out what really happened to Aisha. But Ethan's growing strangely silent, and Cassie's left questioning if her feelings for him are clouding her judgment.

Cassie discovers a dark secret lurking in the heart of the forests; a secret world of nightmarish horrors—where nothing is as it seems, where the supernatural invades your soul, where the people she trusted most might be the people she can trust the least, and where escape exists only in dreams. [Goodreads]

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This book has been…difficult to review.  I liked it, but it frustrated me too.

The cover is so pretty.  I’m not usually one to gush over a cover, but look at that jpeg up there!

The prose was disjointed at times.  It felt jumpy, like the thoughts were incomplete.  Kinda like you’re inside Cassie’s head, participating in the moment with her.  Which isn’t a bad thing, I just didn’t work for me.  With this book.

I didn’t care a thing for Cassie.  She waivered too much, sometimes embracing her role as heroine, and others just collapsing in on herself unable to cope with all that’s going on.  I realize she’s only 15, and there’s a lot of things to deal with, that the “dark secret” is a lot to deal with, but she never seemed vulnerable, just weak.  Her strength coming too little too late.  AND, she’s American, but speaks in phrases and using words that are distinctly Australian.  That created a little disparity for me—that’s a major detail to get wrong.

I got this book from Amazon for Kindle, and it was free (it’s not anymore).  Even free/inexpensive books should be completely edited.  This wasn’t.  Blatantly under-edited.  I don’t like reading final-print books that are poorly edited.  It’s frustrating.

The story itself was pretty good.  I was completely drawn in and read it on my iPhone any chance I could find, even staying up late into the night finish it.  I liked where the story was headed, we just had some trouble getting there.  Allyn left too many questions unanswered for me, too many holes that have yet to be filled.  And just when things have reached a boiling point, and the pot’s about to explode all over the place, the story ends.  It just ends!  Leaving me reeling, disoriented, and very confused.  To find out what happens, you have to read the next book! What? 

And here’s where my biggest issue of all is…am I invested enough to pay $3.99 for the next book in the series?  I just don’t know.

For now I’m just going to pull a Cassie and waiver.

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Get to reading,
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  1. Aah.
    I was reading your thoughts and was going to ask you if you were going to continue with the next book and you answered my question before I had a chance to ask it! I saw this one and didn't download it. I can't remember why I didn't, but I haven't been bothered *too much* by that fact because both books are available for loan for free thru Amazon Prime, which we have. I've just been drawn to these covers over and over because they're both so great, particularly the second one. (Even tho the girl on the 2nd cover isn't the girl on the first cover b/c her hair color is different.) The story sounds pretty good too.

    I can handle editing issues if they aren't too numerous. So maybe a loan thru prime is the way to go for me if I decide to read? At any rate, I'm glad you reviewed this one! I've been wondering about it. :)

    1. I'm glad I didn't pay for it. It would have bothered me to pay even $0.99 for a book so poorly edited. If you decide to read it, yes, borrow it!

  2. All the things you mentioned that bugged you would totally bug me too. I love that your going to waiver just like the character. Too funny.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Glad to know I'm not the only one out there bugged by these things :)


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