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Review: One Little Christmas Tree: A Children’s Christmas Picture Book by The Curto Family & Rusty Fischer

Title: One Little Christmas Tree: A Children’s Christmas Picture Book
Author: The Curto Family & Rusty Fischer
Print Length: 24 pages
Language: English
Source: Publisher

Alfred is a young tree at Carl’s Christmas Tree Farm in beautiful Spruce Creek, North Carolina. As all trees do, Alfred starts out with big hopes about being picked each Christmas to be a wonderfully decorated tree for the family he ‘inherits.’ Time passes and Alfred becomes disappointed that he has not been picked yet. To comfort him, his friend, Mr. Phipps, urges him to be patient and that one day he will be welcomed into a warm, inviting home for the perfect family. []

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When I was asked to review One Little Christmas Tree, I immediately noted that Rusty Fischer helped on this project…which immediately peaked my interest seeing as how I know him mostly for his zombie/vampire/werewolf/paranormal kinda stuff.  Next, I realized that my kids would have to be involved in this!

So, this is the review they created:

Question #1: What was One Little Christmas Tree about?

Kid #1 [age 7]: It was about, um, what are you putting everything I say, hey, stop [laughing and giggling] It was about little Alfred and he never got picked to be a Christmas tree and his tree friend Mr. Phipps told him all about being a big Christmas tree and making families happy.
Kid #2 [age 6]: Alfred.  Um, Christmas trees.  Mr. Phipps and Alfred.  And the little boy and Alfred.  And Alfred got picked.
Kid #3 [age 3]: A man with no friends.  A little girl wanted a Christmas tree at her house.  Little Susie was happy.

Question #2: What was your favorite part of One Little Christmas Tree?

#1: When Alfred got picked to be a Christmas tree.
#2: Um, when um, Little Susie picked a Christmas Tree.
#3: Um, um, Ms. Little Susie got picked out.

Question #3: At the end, Elmer and Alfred found the true meaning of Christmas.  What do you think the true meaning of Christmas is?

#1: Don’t just think about the, uh, uh, um, uh [giggles] presents.  Think about God and pick the best Christmas tree, even if it’s fake.
#2: Christmas presents and Christmas trees.  Elmer found the right Christmas tree.  Find the right Christmas tree.
#3: That Little Ms. Susie got picked out and put ornaments on the Christmas tree.


And there you have it folks.  I tried to write down exactly what they said.  Whether it related to the question or not.  As you can see, things got a little lost in translation.

All joking aside, One Little Christmas Tree is a cute read.  It’s a good story with a nice, easy flow.  There’s nothing religious or anti-religious. But, has a moral that everyone can learn from—that it’s not about what we want, but what we can do for others.  The true meaning of Christmas in the story is open ended and you can add your own twist.  It may be open-ended since there are two more books in the series, which I am really excited about reading!  I want to see what happens next with Alfred and Elmer!

#1: Bending_The_Spine_Moon_RaterBending_The_Spine_Moon_RaterBending_The_Spine_Moon_RaterBending_The_Spine_Moon_RaterBending_The_Spine_Moon_Rater
#2: Bending_The_Spine_Moon_RaterBending_The_Spine_Moon_RaterBending_The_Spine_Moon_RaterBending_The_Spine_Moon_Rater
#3: Bending_The_Spine_Moon_RaterBending_The_Spine_Moon_RaterBending_The_Spine_Moon_RaterBending_The_Spine_Moon_RaterBending_The_Spine_Moon_Rater

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