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Review: The Massive Hole Theory by Michael S. West

The Massive Hole Theory
Title: Massive Hole Theory
Author: Michael S. West
Print Length: 66 pages
Publisher: Michael S. West; 1 edition (February 29, 2012)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English
Source: Author

Ryan Michaels had an almost uncontrollable, burning desire to kill his boss. He dreamed of breaking his neck. The thought of bashing his head and with a golf club amused him. Stabbing him in the throat with a letter opener would have made him absolutely giddy. Unfortunately, he told his friends about it.

Ryan, an Ivy-League educated real estate lawyer, is livid when his boss, a powerful partner at their large and prestigious Atlanta law firm, callously lays him off. But after that partner is shot dead in his office that same night, he’s stunned. He knows police would consider him the prime suspect.

So Ryan turns to his friend Alex Murray, an adventurous criminal lawyer, and his unconventional crime-solving methods to clear his name. [Goodreads]

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I started reading this yesterday because I needed something to read.  I knew it was on my Kindle App on my iPhone from a review request and was different from what I had been reading recently.  So I gave it a shot and almost immediately wanted to kick myself for not having started it sooner.  Here’s why:

  • Setting: It’s a Southern book, y’all.  It’s set in Atlanta, which is second on my list of Favorite Southern Cities. 
  • Characters: They’re hilarious!  They’re real, honest, and relatable.  I mean, who hasn’t at some point visualized themselves chocking someone that irritated them.  I do this almost on the daily!  And their voices were so genuine, there was nothing fake about the way they spoke, nothing inconsistent.
  • Story: Although it began as a little bit clichĂ©-lawyer-movie, The Massive Hole Theory quickly caught my attention and kept it through the end.  There is so much witty humor in this book!  I found myself laughing out loud and smiling constantly as I read it.  There was never a dull moment from beginning to end!

I couldn’t believe how invested I became in this story and characters.  My sense of justice flared and I began planning letter writing campaigns to clear Ryan Michael’s name and fundraisers to help pay his legal bills!  West did an amazing job writing this!

Now on to what annoyed the snot out of me: I got the review request in April.  Now it’s December.  And I couldn’t remember what this book was about.  So I didn’t remember this was a novella!  It was just way too darn short!

But, not to worry.  This is an introduction to the series, so there’s a second book out!  For more info on it, click the cover below!
The Linebacker's Wife (Murray & Michaels Lawyer Series, #2)
Y’all, I can’t wait to read the second installment!

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