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Children’s Review & Book Signing; The Seventh Mirror by Terry Kay

The Seventh Mirror

The Seventh Mirror
Terry Kay
Mercer University Press
96 pages
Release Date: September 30th 2013

Like his father and grandfather before him, Fergus Greybar the Fourth travels the countryside in a wagon of carnival mirrors, pulled by two magnificent white horses named Look and See. As the Mirror Man, he is welcomed everywhere by children who find delight in seeing themselves take on strange and funny shapes when looking into the six mirrors that line the inside of his wagon. But there is another mirror, one of great magicthe Seventh Mirror. In it, children see themselves not as they are, but as they wish to be.

What I thought about it…

I thought this book was really cool. I liked the Mirror Man a lot. He lived in a small wagon but magic made the inside huge. In one of the rooms in his wagon he had the Seventh Mirror. This mirror could show kids who they wished to be. The Mirror Man was very nice to all the children and let all kids come to see the mirror for free.

Why I picked this book…

I picked this book because my mom took me to see Terry Kay. (That’s the author.)

What I liked about this story…

I liked that when Sarah (main character) went to see the seventh mirror and found the magic about it. After she saw herself in the mirror she asked the Mirror Man to make her into the reflection she was seeing. Sarah wanted to change who she was because she didn’t want to be found by all the people in town looking for her.

Would I recommend other kids read this book?

Yes! This an exciting book that made me wonder what was going to happen next. I think everyone can enjoy The Seventh Mirror.

See you next time,

Meeting the author

When I met the author (Terry Kay) I was so excited, but I’m shy around people I don’t already know.


Terry Kay was very nice. He really liked my name (Azariah)! He said that he would have to remember it and maybe use it in a book he writes. I thought that was pretty cool. HE SIGNED MY BOOK!!!

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  1. You have a beautiful name. Thank you for your review. I think I will read this book. It's different from what I usually read.


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