Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review: The Geek's Guide to Dating by Eric Smith

The Geek's Guide to Dating

The Geek’s Guide To Dating
Eric Smith
Hardcover: 208 pages
Publisher: Quirk Books
Release Date: December 3, 2013
Source: Publicist

You keep your action figures in their original packaging. Your bedsheets are officially licensed Star Wars merchandise. You’re hooked on Elder Scrolls and Metal Gear but now you’ve discovered an even bigger obsession: the new girl who just moved in down the hall. What’s a geek to do? Take some tips from Eric Smith in The Geek’s Guide to Dating. This hilarious primer leads geeks of all ages through the perils and pitfalls of meeting women, going on dates, getting serious, breaking up, and establishing a successful lifelong relationship (hint: it’s time to invest in new bedsheets). Full of whimsical 8-bit illustrations, The Geek’s Guide to Dating will teach fanboys everywhere to love long and prosper.


Rebecca got a review request from the publicist, she said I should check it out.  And I looked at how fun and awesome the cover was, and said yes.  So, going in, I didn't realize this is an actual guide to dating.  As in self-help.  I was taken by surprise.  And, I'll admit, it was my own fault.

I'm not complaining, because it was very well written.  The Geek's Guide to Dating is very geeky--entering parts of geekdom and gaming that I have never ventured nor dared to (I'm a tech-geek, not a gamer).  But it wasn't completely foreign to me.

As far as self-help books go (I've not read very many), this was entertaining and chock-full of useful, relevant information and presented in a way that is humors and down-to-earth.  I liked Smith's easy writing style.

What did bother me is that my copy of The Geek's Guide to Dating wasn't labeled as an ARC, but had many rookie spelling/wrong-word-used mistakes that should have been caught during a through editing.  Not that it detracted from my enjoyment of the material, but did seem less than Quirk Books-quality.

If you're a geek, and you have trouble in the dating area of your RL (real life), or know someone who does, pick this up.  It covers just about every aspect of dating you can imagine, and even has some date night ideas that I'm going to try out with my wife of 10-years.

If this had been available back when I was hitting the dating scene (not that I ever was part of the scene...Rebecca and I met through a mutual friend, dated a month, got engaged, and married 6 months later) I would have wanted this powerful weapon in my arsenal.

4 Moons

This on is great for anyone in need of V-Day advice!



  1. Oh, I totally would have thought this was fiction, too! Oops.

  2. Love the cover on this one. And I couldn't tell from the description if it was self help or fiction.


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