Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Are You Buying Today?!?!

Books That Release Today!!!

Under the Never Sky

Aria is a teenager in the enclosed city of Reverie. Like all Dwellers, she spends her time with friends in virtual environments, called Realms, accessed through an eyepiece called a Smarteye. Aria enjoys the Realms and the easy life in Reverie. When she is forced out of the pod for a crime she did not commit, she believes her death is imminent. The outside world is known as The Death Shop, with danger in every direction.

As an Outsider, Perry has always known hunger, vicious predators, and violent energy storms from the swirling electrified atmosphere called the Aether. A bit of an outcast even among his hunting tribe, Perry withstands these daily tests with his exceptional abilities, as he is gifted with powerful senses that enable him to scent danger, food and even human emotions.

They come together reluctantly, for Aria must depend on Perry, whom she considers a barbarian, to help her get back to Reverie, while Perry needs Aria to help unravel the mystery of his beloved nephew’s abduction by the Dwellers. Together they embark on a journey challenged as much by their prejudices as by encounters with cannibals and wolves. But to their surprise, Aria and Perry forge an unlikely love - one that will forever change the fate of all who live UNDER THE NEVER SKY. (Goodreads)

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1)

Humans and androids crowd the raucous streets of New Beijing. A deadly plague ravages the population. From space, a ruthless lunar people watch, waiting to make their move. No one knows that Earth’s fate hinges on one girl. . . .

Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She’s a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle, and a forbidden attraction. Caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal, she must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect her world’s future.

In this thrilling debut young adult novel, the first of a quartet, Marissa Meyer introduces readers to an unforgettable heroine and a masterfully crafted new world that’s enthralling. (Goodreads)

Unraveling Isobel

Isobel’s life is falling apart. Her mom just married some guy she met on the internet only three months before, and is moving them to his sprawling, gothic mansion off the coast of nowhere. Goodbye, best friend. Goodbye, social life. Hello, icky new stepfather, crunchy granola town, and unbelievably good-looking, officially off-limits stepbrother.

But on her first night in her new home, Isobel starts to fear that it isn’t only her life that’s unraveling—her sanity might be giving way too. Because either Isobel is losing her mind, just like her artist father did before her, or she’s seeing ghosts.

Either way, Isobel’s fast on her way to being the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. (Goodreads)


Yes, I know there are more that came out today. But these are the books that I am really wanting to get on my overstuffed bookshelf this week. Everything else will have to wait. Do you plan on getting anything new this week?

Happy Reading,


  1. I haven't even looked at the new releases, because I really can't afford anything new until I'm done with my current TBR...

    But the temptation is too strong! And I've only been holding tight a day yet, so... Yeah.

    Unraveling Isobel looks cool. Ahem. Waaay to cool to be safe from me... ;)

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  2. Ahh I just saw Cinder at the bookstore and it looks BEAUTIFUL. So so excited to read it, how can it not be awesome?

  3. Yep, these are all on my TBR list too but when I'll get them...who knows. :(

  4. Am definitely looking forward to Cinder! Love that cover; it's just gorgeous.
    Ninja Girl

  5. I haven't read Unraveling Isobel, but you KNOW how I feel about the other two and today is eating me alive considering my budget is also eating me alive post-Christmas and all. But man, what a day for books. Switched by Amanda Hocking also released today. I really enjoyed that one as well!


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