Monday, January 9, 2012

Blogging Rules!


After reading last weeks comments on my Blogging Rules post, I think it’s safe to say that most of us choose books that we are pretty sure we will enjoy right?!?! So I have two questions for you:

First) What do you do about the books you're wrong about? No, I am not talking about a 1 or 2 star reviews. We all get those on occasion no matter how careful. What I’m talking about is the dreaded DNF! Yep, those books you just can not finish.

So, how far in a book do you read before you decide you just can’t take any more? Do you still mark it as read on your Goodreads page? And how do you handle it if you are supped to be part of the blog tour for the book?

Second) This is really just out of curiosity on my part: Do you review every NetGalley book you receive?

My Answer

I go at least fifty pages into a book before I decide if I am going to stop reading it or not. I only mark it as read if I have read the majority of the book. If I happen to be on blog tour for a book that I can not get though, then I contact who is heading up the tour and change my review stop to a promo stop, that way I am still fulfilling my end of the bargain by having the book on the blog.

As far as NetGalley goes, I do my best to review every book that comes from NetGalley. I will admit that if I didn’t like the book I got sometimes I just don’t review it. I have had a DNF from NetGalley before, I have also had one book that I just ran out of review time with.

Happy blogging and reading,


  1. Great questions! I read about half the book before I give up and then I contact the author and, in detail with examples, explain why I can't review it. I only mark a book read if I actually finish it. Luckily, I've never had this problem on a blog tour. But, thanks to you, I now know what I'll do if the problem arises. I don't get books from NetGalley - actually I've also quit trying for books on Goodreads and other places as well. I'm finding I'm overrun with reviews and need to slow down for my own sanity!

  2. These are great questions. Personally for me I have the 50 to 100 page rule depending on the number of pages in the book before deciding if I will continue or not to.

    If its a book that I can't finish then I contact the person and no post a review.

  3. Ah. I usually read at least 100 pages before I am comfortable leaving a rating or DNF review, and I'm up front about saying I didn't finish it. I try to review all NetGalley books, but sometimes that means they languish away in my TBR pile for months! *hangs head*

  4. Yeah, these are questions every book blogger should think about. For me, it depends on the length of the book. If they book is 100 pages, I usually give it until 10 pages, 50 max (if the plot line or the romance between characters is good).

    I have run into this problem multiple times, so after the second book that disappointed me, I started giving them 50 pages max. There are better books out there that I can sit with the computer for (a.k.a. kill my eyesight for).

    I haven't tried NetGallery, but I will in the future. But I make sure that every book I take, that I read eventually. Eventually being the key word.

    And I haven't been on a book tour, but your solution sounds great. If I couldn't finish a book, then I would just do an excerpt or something like that. I don't think I could give them a bad review on a book tour. It seems kinda a mute point. But yeah, good questions and answers!

  5. i try 2 review every netgalley / pretty hard lol

    i do post dnf
    but have not encountered a dnf at booktour before

  6. Mmmh... For now, I review every NetGalley title I get - but then again, I don't get that many and those I did get, I enjoyed.

    Now, about those books I just can't finish... Just ran into 1 for now. I've hard to force myself to finish two others, but I could do it. This one, though.... I couldn't There was no plot. No action. Just random actions spurring on endless reminiscing. And the author had the guts to call that witty!

    Ahem. Sorry about that.

    Anyway, I read at the very least 25% of the book (or something around that, ie 420 pages 100 pages will do) before I give it up.

    If I promised the author I'd review it, I just contact him and let him know that it wasn't a fit, and that I'm witholding the review to avoid ripping into the book. If it were part of a tour now... I guess your option is the best.

    Great questions!

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  7. I do basically exactly what you do. I had a DNF from an author that contacted me to read his book. I still reviewed it, I just said I couldn't finish it. I felt so horrible though. Also I do try and read all the books I get from NetGalley.

  8. Great question! I've had a few DNFs on Netgalley. I try to get to all my Netgalley books but I haven't always been as good at it as I should. It's one of my goals for this year to be more diligent.


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