Saturday, January 21, 2012

In My Mailbox (27)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren and is a post for bloggers to share what books they've received to review, bought, won, borrowed or were gifted.

For Review
I am very excited to get to this! I loved Fairy Metal Thunder.

I Bought
The Fault in Our Stars
I didn’t think it was ever going to come to my door!!!

Free at Amazon!
Zombies Don't Cry (A Living Dead Love Story)Failing Test (The Shadow Series, #1)Hollowland (The Hollows, #1)
I love the cover of Zombies Don’t Cry!

What did you get in your mailbox?


  1. Ohhh I really wanna read TFiOS! I haven't read any John Green yet, so I figure I should start there :)

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  2. Ooh nice! I actually already have Hallowland on my TBR pile! Have a lot of Amanda's books on my TBR pile actually! Really need to read them! Happy Reading!

    My IMM will be up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by then!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Thanks for alerting to free reads on Amazon. I need to get one of those.

    J L Bryan , I shall plop those on my TBR pile.

    Have fun reading:D


  4. OMG Zombies Don't Cry is free on amazon. Wow just wow

    1. I know right!!! Crazy! I love Rusty Fischer!!!

  5. Great books! I'm intrigued by Zombies son't cry. Enjoy all of your reads.

    My IMM

  6. I REALLY need to check out The Fault in Our Stars. What I've read by John Green have been amazing and I've heard some great things about this one. Fantastic haul!

  7. I'm going to have to check otu Zombies Don't Cry!! It looks like a good one :)

    Come see what was In My Mailbox this week!

  8. I've heard amazing things about The Fault in our Stars and I'm hoping to buy it soon !! I hope you'll love all these books ..
    Happy reading :)

  9. Thanks for the heads up on the free books! I'll have to check out the synopsis and see if any strike my fancy :)

    I picked up TFiOS too.. lol.. so much talk about it everywhere the last few weeks piqued my curiosity!

    Michele | IMM | 2-Book Giveaway

  10. I really want to read The Fault in Our Stars! It seems like almost everyone is loving it!

    Happy reading! :D

    Angie @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

  11. I really Really Really Really Really X100 want The Fault in Our Stars. Great Books!
    For My IMM Click Here

  12. Great set! Yay for John Green. I want to read the book soon.
    My IMM

  13. The Fault in Our Stars sounds fantastic, but then again, so does every other John Green book. I really need to read one! :P Happy reading!

  14. I've heard great things about The Fault in Our Stars! Enjoy your new books. :)

    In My Mailbox #6

  15. Great IMM! Hollowlands is super cool. And I'm going off right away to grab my own copy of Zombies don't cry!

    Yes, I'm in a zombie mood, what can I say? :)

    Hope you enjoy all your books, Rebecca! Happy Reading!

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  16. Soo jealous of everyone with their TFIOS copies! I really need to buy it soon!

    Enjoy this :)

    Meghan at Books and a Cup of Tea

  17. Ooo, I want to read TFIOS, too, but I'm going to have to save it for an occasion when I'm in the mood for a good cry. I picked up Zombies Don't Cry this week, too!


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